Mental Health Issues Related to Technology Use Assignment

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We are living in a society where technology is everything. We are becoming dependent on technology, to look something up, to communicate with others, do assignments or jobs and when we don’t have those things, we are in a panic mode where we don’t know how to function without technology anymore. Technology is causing problems such as technologies, technophobia, internet isolation and addiction, which then leads Into family and other relationship issues.

What Is technologies and technophobia? Technologies is when there is a feeling of anxiety or mental pressure, from overexposure or involvement with technology. Technologies is caused by all of the different types of technology we use (computer, cell phone, tablet, etc. ). The 21st century Is more stressful with all the different sources of media we have that are all vying for our attention to give us news whether it is good or bad.

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Technophobia is an abnormal fear or anxiety about the advancements in technology. Technophobia can e broken down into three separate categories: the uncomfortable users cognitive computerizes anxious computerizes. Internet Isolation and Addiction There are people with anxieties towards technology and there are people who happen to enjoy It. They are called technophiles. Technophiles are people who have a love or an enthusiasm for technology.

There are people who love technology so much they develop addictions, such as the internet addiction which can also develop into internet isolation. Internet addiction is described as an impulse control disorder which Is similar to pathological gambling; some online users may develop an emotional attachment to the friends they “meet” and the activities created. It can be developed when you constantly use it as a way to distract yourself from the problems going on in reality.

The results of internet addiction leads to personal, family, academic, financial and occupational problems that develop after you develop the addiction and others can find It addicting because online you can create a fake life which you would much prefer to the one that is being lived at that specific moment. Internet addiction is connected to internet isolation because those suffering from internet addiction tend to spend a lot of time in isolated off, spend less time with the real people In their lives, and can be viewed as socially awkward.

You are also a greater risk to develop the Intercommunicate addiction If: you suffer from anxiety you are depressed you have other addictions you lack social support you’re an unhappy teenager you are less mobile or socially active than you once were 1 OFF you are stressed Signs and Symptoms: losing track of time online avian trouble completing tasks at home or work isolation from friends and family feeling guilty or defensive about your internet use feeling a sense of euphoria while involved in Internet activities Treatment (Self-help and therapy) Self-help ways to help yourself recognize any underlying problems that may support your internet addiction build your coping skills strengthen your support network Modifying Internet use Step-by-Step keep logs of how often you use the computer set goals for how long you want to use the computer for replace your internet usage with healthier activities

Therapy and Counseling Cognitive behavioral therapy (provides step by step ways to stop compulsive internet behaviors and perceptions regarding the internet) There is also group support for those with internet addictions Relationship issues related to technology Too much computer usage is unhealthy towards our relationships with others, not just because we can develop an addiction or could isolate ourselves away but because we might start to favor our online relationships more than the physical relationships we have with friends, family and others around us. Technology does have that affect where you can communicate with people easier because you are hidden behind a screen without them looking at you so you feel it is easier to express yourself technologically then verbally. For example: you can say something and someone would reply with “LOL” they can say they are laughing but you don’t really know if they are.

Or people express their emotions with emoticons 0 0 but sometimes when you are upset and you tell someone about your issue through texts or messages online, you won’t know they’re true emotion and to feel comforted the errors needs a real person there to give them they’re support, a hug, laugh or smile. Something like that has the power to help people feel even the slightest bit happier. Another issue related to issues with technology and relationships, people’s etiquette are decreasing. People don’t know how to carry on proper conversations with others; they are becoming more socially awkward. It also affects the way we write, we easily forget that we aren’t communicating electronically and we tend to continue writing that way.

Writing an essay, for example, you would write “ids how to answer this roper but I think that it is this reason buzz in that time period technology was not a big deal or as much of an issue in the world. ” An interesting fact I learned while researching this assignment is that internet addiction is becoming more apart of daily life. To conclude this, technology is a great thing to have when it is used in moderation, for appropriate things, and in ways that aren’t going to harm us in reality Like slaying something online you’d never say In person or unarm our coeducation Day continuing to write the way we would electronically in educational assignments or Job tasks.

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