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I include my friends who helped me even though they had to do the assignment and last but not least I really thank my parents for purporting to do my MOCK assignment successfully. All your help, effort which motivated and made me do it successful and helped me submit successfully. I thank every single person who played a part on this assignment. I finally thank Mr.. Nashua Niagara the General Manager of Nippon Plastic Industry for giving me sufficient details on his industry.

Executive Summary The main purpose of this report is to give a clear view on Nippon Plastic Industry. Their levels of management, the decision they took and going to take. How communication take place though the organization internally and externally. Their data collection method, the technologies used by them, the communication technologies used, the information systems used by business and how it helps out Nippon Plastic Industry.

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In this report it is said how they can improve their organization standard and communication. Also this report says the recommendations given to Nippon Plastic Industry and Conclusion on how they can run the industry successfully and also how to develop their industry. This report has been created referred to many business sites. Table of contents Acknowledgement 2 Executive Summary 3 Introduction Their Mission 6 Their Vision 6

Hierarchy Of Nippon Plastic Industry 7 Levels of Management 8 Top Level / Administrative Management 8 The role of Top Management in Nippon is: 8 Middle Level / Executive Management The role of Middle Management in Nippon is: 8 Lower Level / Supervisory Management The role of Lower Management in Nippon is: 9 Recent Decision Made By Nippon Future Decision Made By Nippon 9 Need of Information and Knowledge to make Effective Decision 10 Internal and External sources of Information 10 Internal Sources of Information 1 1 External Sources of Information 11 Ninepin’s Data Collection Method, Format, Store and Disseminate 12

Communication Process 13 Existing Communication Method of Nippon 13 How communication is processed in Nippon 14 Communicational Weakness within the Organization 15 Recommendations for Improvement in Communication 15 Conclusion on Communication Improvement 16 Conclusion and Recommendations 17 Recommendation for Improvement in Making Above Decisions 17 Changes to Improve Information and Knowledge 18 Strategy to Improve access to system of Information and Knowledge 19 System Development Life Cycle (OSDL) 19 Information System 20 Management Information System (MIS) 20 Implementation of MIS in Nippon 21

How to Improve Communication in Nippon 22 Suggestion to Effective Methods of Communication Technologies 23 Bibliography and References 24 Introduction Nippon plastic industry is one of the leading plastic manufacturers in Sir Lankan which started up in 1985 by their previous chairman Mr.. Nanas. The current CEO of NIP is Mr.. Niagara. Nippon has around 450 employees, out of which some are skilled and some are unskilled. These employees work together each and every day to produce more than thousands of units. There are more than 300 types of plastic products manufactured by NIP.

Nippon has captured a large amount f market share in Sir Lankan and has started to export in the recent Years. Their Mission To provide our customers with quality plastic wares. Their Vision Every house in Sir Lankan should have at least one product of Nippon. Task 1 1 – [LOL. I] Hierarchy Of Nippon Plastic Industry Chart No. 1 [Nippon Plastic Industries Hierarchy] Levels of Management In an organization many managers work but they don’t work at the same position and don’t have equal power, they work in different position which is called the levels of management. In management generally there are three levels, they are: 1.

Top Level / Administrative Management 2. Middle Level / Executive Management 3. Lower Level / Supervisory Management Top Level / Administrative Management It is the highest level in an organization they are the Board of Directors (BODY) and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), According to Proof. Medium Satiny CEO is the General Manager (GM), Managing Director (MD) or president and the board of directors are shareholders. These people has the full authority of the firm and their target and they put new policies, they do all planning for the organization and also to achieve the ultimate goal, mission and vision.

The role of Top Management in Nippon is: To make decisions on the whole organization Does the motivation part of the firm To rechecking the account files and solve if any problem occurs To do the promotion part, designing, and HARM is also done by Directors. Middle Level / Executive Management This level people are Departmental Heads, Branch Managers and Junior Executives. E. G. Are Financial Manager, Purchase manager and so on. The role of Middle Management in Nippon is: To give ideas and advise to top level To implement the policies give by top level To communicate with top and low level To plan short term plans for their departments.

Lower Level / Supervisory Management This level people are the supervisors, they are selected by the middle level management. The role of Lower Management in Nippon is: To direct the staffs or the employees To increase the performance of the employees To have good communication with the middle level To make daily, weekly and monthly plans Recent Decision Made By Nippon Top Level – Introduce a new plastic item, to increase productivity. Middle Level – Increase motivation, Increase employers. Lower Level – Improve employee performance. Future Decision Made By Nippon Top Level – Give 15% discount to regular customers, Open up a new branch.

Middle Level – Improve packaging. Low Level – Increase team work, Appoint team suitable leaders. 2- [LO 1. 2, LOL. 3] Need of Information and Knowledge to make Effective Decision Through information and knowledge the business can make successful decisions. A successful business makes good decisions, implement them well, and learn from the experience to do better next time. Knowledge and Information are re- useable. E. G. 1 Nippon recently introduces a new plastic item, for that they should have to some information of the product they are going to launch, have a decent amount of knowledge on the product.

They should get the information whether consumers’ would like to purchase and also they have to have a knowledge on what type of consumers’ they have to market it to. E. G. 2 Ninepin’s future decision is to give 15% discount for regular customers, they have to have a knowledge on their customers like what is their background, what’s their opinion on our product and they have to get the information like they accept discount or other offers so according to that Nippon can make their session and I will lead to success for them.

Internal and External sources of Information Internal and Externals sources are two different sources. Internal information is the details which are taken within the organization internally for e. G. Financial Statement. And External information is they information taken externally for e. G. Competitors, Customers rating and so on. Nippon has to conceder Internal and External Information to make effective decisions, through this information’s Nippon can make their future plans and decisions. Internal Sources of Information Financial Information

Personnel Information Pay roll System Marketing Information Purchasing Information Sales Information Manufacturing Information Administration Information Invoice Delivery Speed External Sources of Information Government Trade Groupings Commercially Provided Databases and Researches Internet Professional Publications News Papers Suppliers Competitors Media E. G. Ninepin’s one of the future plans is to improve packaging so they have to consider both internal and external because they should be able to adapt to the changes, they should find the cost when changing it, and those are the internal they have to consider.

The external information is that it should be more attractive than competitors and consumers should like the new packaging too. 3 – [LO 4. 1] Ninepin’s Data Collection Method, Format, Store and Disseminate Data Methods Format Store Disseminate Attendance Software Name, Gender, Team No, Data Base Managers, Team Leaders Consumers Customer, Feedback, Sheet Telephone. No, Address. Customer Feedback File Shareholders Employees Interview ID No. Shareholders, Mangers, Supervisors Finance Excel Price, Quantity, Total Sales, Revenue, profit. Sales Day Book Purchase Day Book

Annual Report Directors, Top Level, Management Human Resource Development Staff Meeting Problems, Solutions, Suggestions. Meeting Files, Employees Problem Files. Whole Organization Staffs’ Marketing Questionnaire, Observation. Units sold, Sales Report, Top Level, Marketing Department. Production Batch No. Product. Production, Department, Sales Department, Stock Data Base, Store. Remaining Items, Quantity. Stock Value. Store Department, Branch Manager, Sales People, Suppliers. 4- [LO 3. 1] Communication Process It is a process which means the step has to be taken in a particular order to achieve the ultimate goal of the Organization.

This is a common method of communication process used in most of the organization including Nippon. Figure No. 1 [Communication Process] Existing Communication Method of Nippon Nippon Uses three types of communication 1 . Verbal Communication – It’s also called Oral Communication. E. G. Phone, Face- to-Face, Meetings, and so on. 2. Non – Verbal Communication – It’s also called Written Communication. E. G. Letters, E-mails, and so on 3. Body Language This is a very effective communication method. E. G. Smile, Body Movement, Eye Contact and so on.

How communication is processed in Nippon Communication Methods Administrative Management Executive Management Supervisory Management Customers Telephone Yes Face-to-Face Less Meeting No E-mails Social Network Hand Shaking Letters Rare Smile Table No. 2 [How Communication is processed) 5- [LO 3. 4 Communicational Weakness within the Organization Communication is not quick enough because in Nippon any message should be passed with some process for e. G. If Marketing Department wants to send a message to Production Department it should be go the Managing Direct through General Manager so it takes a bit of time.

Employees have less communication Skills Less strength to face problems Few workers doesn’t have friendly approach with colleagues No Effective team work Recommendations for Improvement in Communication 1 . Nippon should give their employees Communicational Trainings Talking Skills Reading Skills Writing Skills Listening and Understanding Skills 2. Nippon has to give extra Training such as: Team Work Business and Language Trainings Give Information Technology knowledge 3. Create friendly Environment between workers Trips Cultural Events Parties / Functions 4.

Develop Interpersonal Skill of Employees Verbal Communication Non – Verbal Communication Negotiation Problem Solving Decision Making Conclusion on Communication Improvement If Nippon can provide all which is recommended above they can have a good communication within the organization and also it will lead to many benefits such as employees will come to work on time, they would like to work, there will be a proper team work and it will be easy to handle workers which will finally increase the overall productivity, reduce wastage.

Finally Nippon will be able to grow and expand their organization within a short time period. Nippon also has to get the customer feedback and improve their products according to the consumers likes, and they have to sort out small weaknesses in organization. Conclusion and Recommendations 6- [LO 1. 41 Recommendation for Improvement in Making Above Decisions Nippon has taken few good recent decisions and planned few good future decisions too.

Decisions always won’t be successful because they have to conceder internal and external factors. First of all the top level and middle level should have their list of decisions and then decide on what decision to be made iris, which will be more useful for the company, also they have to consider whether that decision will help the company grow and will it have less effect on future decisions. E. G.

Ninepin’s future idea is to keep their regular customers by giving them 15% discount, because of this they will stay with our product but it won’t affect much. But if they can give a 15% or even 10% discount for all the customers it will motivate customers to purchase Ninepin’s products rather than competitors. 7 – [LO 4. 2] Changes to Improve Information and Knowledge Formatting – Organizations these days convert all their information’s to a tankard format, even Nippon is following the usual method.

Nippon is more towards Soft Copy (Computerized) so they are quick mostly but in some cases they are not computerized in that case they have to make it computerized, and some information should have a hard copy as well so they have to get the hard copies of those to be more effective on formatting. Storing – Storing is a very important aspect for organization such as Nippon so they use various types of technologies e. G. Hard Disk. Since keeping files only in the hard disk is dangerous because there are chances miss place or corrupt, so hey can use an External Hard Disk or Internet to have the back files.

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