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Organizing Resources at Coca Cola Introduction Coca Cola is one of the leading beverage companies of the industry. It runs its business campaigns all across the world. It deals with different types of products such as soft drinks, bottled water, tea, sport juices, etc. Coca-Cola has a franchising model for the production and distribution purposes. Only the syrup concentrate are manufactured by the company which is sold to the bottlers who are its franchisers (Coca-Cola Bottling, 2008).

It is important on the part of management to organize the activities of human resources and organizing technology along with other resources such as physical assets, monetary resources and knowledge of the employees and to establish effective and efficient internal organizational structure of the business. The organizing function focuses on division, coordination, and control of tasks and flow of information within the organization. Moreover, managers distribute responsibility and authority to job holders under this function of management.

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Organizing Human resources at Coca Cola Company Management at Coca Cola Company focuses on the acquisition and retention of highly skilled and knowledgeable employees so that it can maintain its top position in the market. It treats these resources as an asset. It provides such conditions of employment and procedures that enables all employees to develop a sense of unity with the enterprise and to carry out their duties in the most willing and effective manner.

It also provides for the security of employment to the workers so that they may not be distracted by the uncertainties of their future. These objectives, strategies, policies, and programs are pre-specified by the company, which guides the management and unions in taking decisions. Also they are in accordance with the organization’s mission, objectives, strategies, policies and its and internal external environments. The jobs at the company are very secure. Its internal environment is similar to that of a family.

Its policy of promoting employees from within and seniority- based salary increments provide the key advantage of retaining the employees, thus proving the corporation’s HRM as the most effective and efficient in the industry HR managers in Coca-Cola use effective technologies and appropriate concepts such as the job analysis program appraisal system, training and development programs, job design programs, up-to-date job descriptions, attitude surveys, etc. in evaluating and improving the overall performance of the organization.

The organization (Coca-Cola) believes that work is much more important than the place where you work. Therefore, it provides better and effective environment to its employees for their effective performance. Proper training should be given to the employees and effective leadership and motivation techniques are used so that the employees can better understand their work and perform better. Coca-Cola has a large training center in Moscow, which is used to supplement the training facility in St. Petersburg.

The company also pays travel expenses and provides business travel insurance to employees so that large number of employees can attend training sessions (Meet Our People). Most of the company’s associates are working out of US. This shows that the organization is working in a geographically diverse environment. The company learns from each market and shares these leanings quickly. The company has set up codes of conduct for HRM in the developing as well as developed countries in which it is currently operating. The employees are given international assignments in which they get a good opportunity to develop managerial skills.

Management provides valuable information about the labor market, labor laws and other related areas. This information enables the upper management to make strategic policies for the organization. To conclude, it generally performs the role of an advisor rather than a decision maker (Gupta, 2007). Organizing Technology at Coca Cola In Coca-Cola, the Information Technology (IT) is a strategic requirement which aims to identify and improve the performance of key business drivers in order to deliver a competitive advantage for it.

Coca-Cola Bottling is a market leader in innovative systems and is committed to the ongoing investment in appropriate technology that could enhance value across the organization (Information and Communications infrastructure, 2008). It has an effective IT team, which is structured to be integrated within the business operations to ensure that the solutions are integrated, focused on priorities and are deliver the expected results. The management organizes technology in accordance with the corporation’s ultimate goals, and internal external environments: •The management maintains international quality standards in product technology and a learning atmosphere that allows the employees to compete with the best in the world. •The management makes optimum utilization of the resources available to the organization for ensuring high profitability. •The management constantly develops technologically advanced business operations employed in the organization and eliminate any kind of redundancy existing in various processes.

The information technology systems of the corporation perform in a very effective manner by designing appropriate databases and helping the managers in taking critical decisions (decision support systems). With the emerging technology Coca Cola has improved its spending on IT and has taken a more conservative approach of choosing for an established vendor to develop the required functionality. The Information systems certainly provide a competitive advantage for the organization by updating its operations in an efficient manner.

It is also helping the organization to provide value-added services to the customers and also to retain them. Coca Cola uses its internet, intranet and extranet facilities in a very appropriate manner (Our Progress, 2007). Conclusion The analysis of organizing function in Coca Cola company shows that the impact of these systematic and employee friendly HR policies has taken the company on top of the competitors and made it stand on the top position. This would surely help the company in sustaining its position.

Such HRM policies would also provide an edge to the organization over its competitors in attracting good human resources in the future and building goodwill in the market, thus providing a competitive advantage. The success is also evident from the fact that Coke has around 90,500 associates all over the world. It has a very minimal turnover rate and there is no place for grievances and conflicts in the organization. The current trends in the IT department of Coca Cola Company have a positive impact on its performance and would continue to provide further benefits for the organization.

As the organization has a global presence, it has employed its information systems throughout the world in association with its internet applications. Till now, it has not encountered any major problems in transferring data between various countries. All this shows that the organization has optimized these organizational resources for effectiveness and efficiency. References Coca-Cola Bottling. 2008. Retrieved April 26, 2008, from www. coca-colabottling. co. id/eng/ourcompany/index. php? act=infosystem Gupta, C. B. (2007). Human Resource Management (8th Revised Edition).

New Delhi: Sultan Chand and Sons. Information and Communications infrastructure (2008). Retrieved April, 26, 2008, from http://209. 85. 175. 104/search? q=cache:VJ_11h8l6woJ:homepages. wmich. edu/~j3kuyken/systemsproject. htm+Objectives+of+Information+system+of+coca+cola&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=in Meet Our People. Retrieved April 26, 2008 from http://www. thecoca-colacompany. com/careers/meet_our_people_scott_gm. html Our Progress (2007). Retrieved April, 26, 2008, from http://www. thecoca-colacompany. com/citizenship/our_progress. html

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