Maths Research and budgeting Assignment

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Starr full time earning $17. 50/hrs working 40 hours a week with a net Income of $32, 841. I need to buy a car wealth my price range to make sure I can get to work on time. Starr is approximately km away from home so driving to and from work will approximately be km a day. Working 5 days a week in total I will be traveling km.

I choose a 2014 Mediumistic Mirage Sport LA that costs $9,990 because it is fuel efficient, runs well, parts are easy to find and reasonably cheap, I eve Mediumistic and the look of this particular car, I have friends that own this car and they say It Is the most reliable car they have ever owned, It Is small but has lots of room with a massive boot space which is 235 liters (plenty of room for the shopping it is easier to park into tight spots and has the power of a sports vehicle.

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The car has a USB port inbuilt to the stereo, Bluetooth for hands free phone calls, CD player, MPH/ AX compatible, ABS, cup holders, power windows, 5 star UNCAP rating and 6 airbags or added safety. It comes with 5 years warranty or 130,000 kilometers and 5 years road side assistance. This mirage is a 5 speed manual hatch back, 5 doors, and 5 starter car. It’s a front wheel drive with a 3 cylinder 1. AL petrol engine, the rims are steel and tire size is 195/65 ROR and diameter being xx, it is silver in color.

The approximate cost of running this vehicle will be $69 per smokes. At current petrol prices it will cost around $51 to fill the tank at 35 liters. Driving to and from work at bout skims per week will cost around $14 in fuel, adding in weekend driving at about skims for Saturday and Sunday it should only cost me $21 a week in fuel. Registration for this vehicle for 12 months will cost about $1200 with green slip being $578, pink slip $35 and registration approximately $530. Comprehensive Insurance will cost $64. 0 per month going through Budget Direct as the insurer. Maintaining this car with a full service every smokes for 12 months will cost $750 if taken to a mechanic but If you know what you’re doing when servicing a car you can buy the arts and do the service yourself at a much lower price. The cost of running this car per year will cost $3,816 without any unexpected repairs or failures. My other expenses Include rent being $70 per week, food costing around $50 per week, entertainment $100, savings account $50, and miscellaneous $50.

I have learnt that this type of car is relevant for my situation as it is, very affordable, economic and efficient. It comes with the 5 year warranty so if anything went wrong in the first 5 years it’s not a cost that I would have to deal with. It has low carbon emissions, which makes it better for the environment and knowing that I have the 5 year road side assistance for the next 5 years gives me piece of mind that I will not be stranded and late for work.

This assignment has taught me that shopping around Is an Important factor as you need to consider reliability, affordability and economics not just looks. You can find bargains out there and it can take time but if you make the right purchase you will never regret spending your entire savings on a brand new car as I ill have it for a longer period of time and is reasonably cheap to maintain.

I did enjoy this assignment as I learnt about budgeting, how to research what car would be right for my Immediate and future needs, efficiency, fuel consumption and carbon the following: cardioids. Com. AU Redbook. Com. AU gummier. Com. AU mutinous. Com. AU arms. News. Gob. AU grisliness’s. Com. AU facilitator. Com. AU compartmented. Com. AU Below are pictures of the Mediumistic Mirage I have chosen to purchase.

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