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Configuration Guide: Promotion Management5 1Introduction5 2Preconditions7 2. 1Version 1 – Retail7 2. 1. 1Checking the Standard Promotion Type Settings7 2. 2Version 2 – Wholesale8 2. 2. 1Check Customer Master Data8 3Customizing Settings9 3. 1Version 1 – Retail9 3. 1. 1Maintain Promotion Allocation Table9 3. 2Version 2 – Wholesale10 3. 2. 1Settings for Promotion Types10 3. 2. 2Create Promotion Types for Wholesale10 3. 2. 3Promotion Determination in Sales Orders11 3. 2. 3. 1Maintaining Promotion Determination per Sales Areas11 3. 2. 3. 2Maintain Promotion Determination per Sales Document Type11 3. 2. 4Settings for Retail Pricing Using Price Lists12 3. 2. 4. Assign Price Tables12 Configuration Guide: Promotion Management Introduction This document is intended to cover the basic customizing settings required for retail promotions and wholesale promotions. Wholesale promotions offer special prices to known customers, whereas retail promotions target anonymous end customers in store. It is not necessary to make additional customizing settings for the promotion scenario in the retail sector. The retail promotion can be created and subsequent processing can be triggered. The process concludes when the promotional merchandise is received in stores. It is possible to generate a delivery directly from the allocation table.

To do so, please follow the Customizing settings description further down. In the wholesale industry, retailers are end customers and have their own customer master records. Promotions in the wholesale industry involve the following activities: • Activation of promotional prices for a price list. The price list is assigned to a specific group of customers. The promotional price list prices are valid for a specific period of time. Alternatively, prices can also be activated for a distribution chain which is assigned to its own promotion type. • Assigning special sales agreements to specific promotions, such as promotional discounts for individual customers and articles. Assigning themes and product catalogs to promotions. • Separate valuation of promotion and normal stock • Automatic determination of promotions (promotion number and promotion prices) when sales orders are created. • Updating the sales data for promotional articles when invoices are issued. • Reverting promotion prices to standard prices when a promotion has expired. • Using analysis tools. Certain subsequent functions involved in retail sector promotions are only available for sites and site groups. As a consequence, these cannot be used in the wholesale process. These subsequent functions are the allocation table, promotion announcement and listing, among others.

The promotion articles, prices, and periods are defined when the promotion is created. Depending on the type of promotion, the prices for a price list or distribution chain are activated subsequently. In the sales order, the last valid promotion number created for the article / unit of measure / distribution chain key is located and the promotion prices are displayed. Depending on the activation type, the promotion price of the individual article is determined with or without the price list. The process is completed when the merchandise and billing documents are sent to the customer. Promotional data, for example for individual customers, can also be evaluated, using a connected Business Information Warehouse (BW) system.

For details on the Customizing settings for general sales order processing, please refer to the “Customer Business” scenario. In the Best Practice Scenario the creation of Promotion Processing will be made via following ECATT’s: • /BPR3R/V_TWAA_O001_R35(Promotion Type) • /BPR3R/V_T620_O002_R35(Allocation Table Types) • /BPR3R/V_TWAA1_O003_R35(Promotion Type2) • /BPR3R/V_TVTA_W_O004_R35(Maintain Promotion Determination per Sales Area) • /BPR3R/V_TVAK_W_O005_R35(Maintain Promotion Determination per Sales Document Type) • /BPR3R/W_ZF_VK_0380_O006_R35(Assignment of Condition Tables) • /BPR3R/W_ZF_VK_03801_O007_R35(Assignment of Condition Tables2) Preconditions 1 Version 1 – Retail

You can check all the standard settings and change them, if required. The most important settings are maintained in the promotion type in Customizing. Here you indicate for how many days the purchase conditions are valid before the promotion starts and after the promotion ends. You also define default values, for example, for how many days before and after the promotion the promotion articles remain listed. The lead-time listing setting determines when the assortment list is created. The articles can be delivered as of this date. The setting for the listing follow-up time defines the validity period during which, for example, any price changes can be loaded to the POS system. Checking the Standard Promotion Type Settings | |Prerequisites: | |Path: (SPRO) | |IMG ( Logistics-General ( Retail Promotion ( Promotion Type | | | |IMG( Logistica Geral ( Acao de promocao( Tipo de promocao | |Procedure: | |Select Promotion Type ‘0002’ (promotion of sales) | |PUSHBUTTON: [DETAILS] | |Check/enter your settings. |PUSHBUTTON: [SAVE] | |Parameter Settings: | |Subscreen: Key | |Promotion type: ‘0002’ (promotion of sales) | |Promotion cat: ‘0002’ (promotion of sales) | |Subscreen: Price activation | |Create PP conditions ‘X’ | |Create SP conditions ‘X’ | |Create DC conditions ‘X’ | |Price activat. ‘2’ (Site group) | |List group ‘A’ (Org. levels: coll. price calc. or articles) | |List variant ’01’ (Standard retail list variant) | |Subscreen: Reference for sales price determ. | |SP sales organis. ‘BP01′ (Sales Org. ) | |SP dis. channel ’01’ (Retail) | |Subscreen: Number range | |No. range int. assgt. ’02’ | |No. range ext. assgt. AA’ | |Subscreen: Control | |Lead time purch. ’20’ | |Follow-on time Purch. ‘2’ | |Lead time Istng ’20’ | |List follow-up time ’50’ | |Announcem. lead time ’10’ | |Lead time store GR ‘4’ | |Alloc. tbl type ‘1000’ (Promotion alloc tbl) | |Announcem. ategory ‘F’ (Promotion announcement) | |Message schema ‘RTBN01′ (Output – Promo Announcement) | |Background: | |Remarks: | |BC Sets: | |/BPR3R/AK_Aktionsart | 2 Version 2 – Wholesale 1 Check Customer Master Data The price list is assigned to the customer in the customer master. The distribution center delivering the merchandise is maintained in the customer master as the delivering site. Path |SAP menu ( Logistics ( Retailing ( Master data ( Edit customers |VD02 | | |( Business partner ( Customer ( Change ( Sales and distribution| | | | | | | |SAP menu ( Logistica( Administracao de Mercadorias(Dados Mestre(| | | |Processar cliente( Parceiro de negocios( Cliente( | | | |Modificar(Vendas e Distribuicao | |ENTER |Customer Change: Initial Screen | | | |Customer |’PCS-C302′ | | |Subscreen: Sales Area | | | |Sales organization |’BP01′ | | |Distribution channel |’02’ | | |Division |’01’ | |button |[Continue] | | |button |[Sales area data] | | |TABSTRIP |[Sales] | | |ENTER |Subscreen: Pricing/Statistics | | | |Price list |’P1′ | |TABSTRIP |[Shipping] | | |ENTER |Subscreen: Shipping | | | |Shipping Conditions |’01’ (standard) | | |Delivering Site |’BP01′ (distribution center) | |button |[SAVE] | | Note: The delivering site can also be assigned in the Sales view in the article master. Customizing Settings 1 Version 1 – Retail The item category classifies the items in the allocation table according to typical business transactions (for example, allocation out of stock). The system can generate a delivery for a stock transfer as a follow-on document of the allocation table. Maintain Promotion Allocation Table | |Prerequisites: | |Path: (spro) | |IMG ( Materials Management ( Purchasing ( Allocation ( Allocation Table ( Allocation Table Types | | | |IMG(Administracao de mercardorias(Compras ( Distribuicao( Quadro de alocacao( Tipos quadro de alocacao | |Procedure: | |Select Allocation Table Types ‘1000’ (Promotion alloc tbl) | |PUSHBUTTON: [DETAILS] | |Check/enter your settings. | |PUSHBUTTON: [SAVE] | |Parameter Settings: | |Subscreen: Key | |Alloc. tbl type: ‘1000’ (Promotion alloc tbl) | |Subscreen: Bus. ransaction | |Item category: ‘G’ (Use warehouse stock (UL – delivery)) | |Subscreen: Calc. rules | |Rounding ‘C’ (Round off) | |Split remainder ‘C’ (Remainder to site with smallest quantity) | |Subscreen: Store communication | |Notification ‘A’ (No notification) | |Procedure ‘RTAN01’ (Output Allocation Table Notif. | |Application ‘WA’ (Allocation Table) | | | |Subscreen: Technical Control | |Item number interval ’10’ | |No. range int. assgt. : ’01’ | |Background: | |Remarks: | |BC Sets: /BPR3R/AK_Aktionsaufteiler | 2 Version 2 – Wholesale 1 Settings for Promotion Types You make the most important settings for the promotion in the promotion type in Customizing.

Wholesale-specific promotion types are created to take account of special features and restrictions in comparison to the retail sector’s promotion types. For wholesale promotions for example, only sales conditions are created, no purchase price determination takes place in the promotion, and no control parameters are required for the allocation table, listing, etc. Two promotion types have been created for wholesale promotions. The main difference between the two is the value in the ‘Price Activation Type’ field. The first wholesale promotion type has been set to ‘3’ (for a price list), whereas the second promotion type has been set to ‘4’ (for a distribution chain). All other settings are identical. Create Promotion Types for Wholesale | |Prerequisites: | |Path: (SPRO) | |IMG ( Logistics – General ( Retail Promotion ( Promotion Type | | | |IMG ( Logistica Geral ( Acao de promocao( Tipo de promocao | |Procedure: | |Select Promotion Type ‘0005’ (Wholesale promo distr. chain) | |PUSHBUTTON: [DETAILS] | |Check/enter your settings. |PUSHBUTTON: [SAVE] | |Select Promotion Type ‘0006’ (Wholesale promo price list) | |PUSHBUTTON: [DETAILS] | |Check/enter your settings. | |PUSHBUTTON: [SAVE] | |Parameter Settings: | |Subscreen: Key | |Promotion Type: ‘0005’ (Wholesale promo distr. chain) | |Promotion cat. ‘0002’ (Promotion of sales) | |Subscreen: Price activation | |Create SP conditions ‘X’ | |Price activat. type ‘4’ (Distribution chain) | |Subscreen: Conditions type group | |Cond. type group SP ‘0020’ (Sales Deal) | | | |Subscreen: Key | |Promotion Type: ‘0006’ (Wholesale promo price list) | |Promotion cat. ‘0002’ (Promotion of sales) | |Subscreen: Price activation | |Create SP conditions ‘X’ | |Price activat. type ‘3’ (Price List) | | | |Subscreen: Conditions type group | |Cond. type group SP ‘0020’ (Sales Deal) | |Subscreen: Number range | |No. range. ext. assgt. AA’ | |Background: | |Remarks: | |BC Sets: /BPR3R/AK_Aktionsarten_GH | 2 Promotion Determination in Sales Orders Certain Customizing settings are required before promotions can be determined in sales orders. Promotion determination must be activated for the distribution chain and sales document type to ensure that the promotion number is determined automatically with the current promotion prices within the sales order, When you enter the sales order, the retail promotion number is determined using the following three key criteria: article, sales unit and date. Maintaining Promotion Determination per Sales Areas | |Prerequisites: | |Path: (SPRO) | |SAP Reference IMG ( Logistics – General ( Retail Promotion ( Promotion Determination in Sales Order Processing ( Maintain Promotion | |Determination per Sales Area | | | |IMG ( Logistica Geral ( Acao de promocao( Determinacao da promocao no processamento da ordem de cliente( Atualizar determinacao da promocao | |por area de vendas | |Procedure: | |PUSHBUTTON [CHANGE/DISPLAY] | |Check/enter your settings. | |PUSHBUTTON [SAVE] | |Parameter Settings: | |Sales organization Distr. hannel Division Promo determination | |BP01 02 01 X | |Background: | |Remarks: | |Promotion determination must be activated for the sales area as well as for the sales document type. | |BC Sets: /BPR3R/AK_Aktionsfindung_VER | |Maintain Promotion Determination per Sales Document Type | |Prerequisites: |Path: (SPRO) | |IMG ( Logistics – General ( Retail Promotion ( Promotion Determination in Sales Order Processing ( Maintain Promotion Determination per Sales | |Document Type | | | |IMG ( Logistica Geral ( Acao de promocao( Determinacao da promocao no processamento da ordem de cliente( Atualizar determinacao da promocao por| |tipo de documento de vendas | |Procedure: | |PUSHBUTTON [CHANGE/DISPLAY] | |Check/enter your settings. | |PUSHBUTTON [SAVE] | |Parameter Settings: | |Sales document type Auto. promo determin. Auto. receiving pt. determin. |SO X | |OR X | |Background: | |Remarks: | |Promotion determination must be activated for the sales area as well as for the sales document type. | |BC Sets: /BPR3R/AK_Aktionsfindung_VERBEL | 3 Settings for Retail Pricing Using Price Lists |Assign Price Tables | Prerequisites: | |Path: (SPRO) | |IMG ( Logistics – General ( Retail Pricing ( Sales Price Calculation ( Control Data for Pricing Table and Data Backup ( Assignment of Condition| |Tables | | | |IMG ( Logistica Geral ( Calculo de precos( Calculo do preco de venda( Controle para tabela de calculo e gravacao de dados( Atribuicao de | |tabelas de calculo de preco | |Procedure: | |PUSHBUTTON [CHANGE/DISPLAY] | |Check/enter your settings. | |PUSHBUTTON [SAVE] | |Parameter Settings: | |Sales pr. chema Application Condition type Pricing level Table | |WWS003 V PRA0 03 (price list) 006 | |WWS003 M PA00 03 (price list) 018 | |Background: | |By assigning the condition tables in this step you control which condition tables will be determined by the system to store the promotional | |prices per promotional condition type. | |The assignment is required for the three pricing levels distribution chain, distribution chain/site, and distribution chain/price list. The | |entries for the price list were added. | |Remarks: | |BC Sets: | |/BPR3R/AK_Z_KALKULATIONSTAB_T | |/BPR3R/AK_Z_KALKULATIONSTAB_S | ———————– Key: ( Variable entries ‘XXX'( Fixed entries [XXX]( Pushbutton

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