Matchpoint vs oedipus Assignment

Matchpoint vs oedipus Assignment Words: 447

The assumptive assignment will have two parts. Part 1: Blob/Soundtrack Assignment For this part of the assumptive task, you are required to select at least 4 songs which, you believe, would work on a soundtrack to The Kite Runner. On the blob you will post a link to the song and write liner notes.

For each song/poem, you must include the following in your liner notes: discuss the theme/message of the song; what is the Eng about? Identify at least three literary devices and explain their significance discuss why this song would be an appropriate selection for The Kite Runner Here are some ideas/themes that we discussed in class: Friendship and Brotherhood Rape and Sexual Abuse Gender Roles and Expectations Classicism and Chattels Betrayal, Guilt and Redemption The Immigrant Experience Escaping the past History and Politics in Afghanistan Your blob should have a title, unity, and flow.

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The songs should make sense together and the progression of the songs should create a drama, or arouse feelings from the Sistine. Think beyond simply the plot of the novel, and make connections to the themes, ideas, mood, tone, characters/characterization, locations discussed, etc.. As long as you can draw a clear connection between the chosen tracks and the novel, you have succeeded! NOTE: If you decide to quote something from The Kite Runner you must cite It using MILA format.

To “submit” your blob, you Just have to post the link to the class Démodé page. You will also be presenting your blob to the class. As a part of your reservation, you will pick one song to play and present. In the presentation, you must discuss why you picked this song for the soundtrack, identify literary devices, and explain how the song relates to a theme in The Kite Runner. Part 2: Poetry Explication/ Analysis of a Poem (Test): This part of your assumptive assignment will be done in class.

Category Knowledge Student has an appropriate selection of songs; student has Identified at least 3 separate literary devices; student has a clear understanding of the text and poetic elements Thinking Student analyzes the songs and establishes a clear connection to the novel; the songs work together and the progression of the songs make sense 110 Communication Student speaks clearly, is able to answer questions and back up their opinions by relating the song to events in the text; written communication: spelling, grammar, MILA citations Application shows evidence of thought and effort; blob is organized and creative, and clearly relates to the novel; unity between the design of the blob and the chosen songs

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