Tragedy in Oedipus Rex Assignment

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To only look at the tragedy directly in Oedipus’ life is a closed view. His wife Coast suffers greatly in the play, due only to the eagerness Of her husband/son. She tries to stop Oedipus from stubbornly questioning the messenger numerous times. “For God’s love, let us have no more questioning! Is your life nothing to you? My own is pain enough for me to bear” (Sophocles 1003-1005). As Oedipus is on a hunt for the truth, Coast realizes the horrific truth; that she gave birth to the man she is married to.

Still, Oedipus’ desire for revelation at anyone’s expense ultimately drives Coast to suicide. “The queen is dead” (Sophocles 1 186). The shame and humiliation of sleeping with her son is more than she can bare, especially since she bore children by him, as well. Of those children, the two daughters are also very much affected by Oedipus’ actions. Again, his inconsiderate necessity for the truth causes their lives to be sad and forever cursed. Even the blind Oedipus can see the exile Of is daughters from the society. Can you ever marry? There are no bridegrooms for you, and your lives must wither away in sterile dreaming” (Sophocles 1441 – 1442). The truth is revealed not only to Oedipus, but also the entire nation of Thebes. Only one day before, the people see Oedipus as an exceptional hero. The men of the town would have gladly taken their daughters into marriage with honor. However, now those same people see Oedipus and his whole family as perverted, tainted, human beings.

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