Marketing Mix Assignment

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Marketing aims and objectives re the targets that are specifically set for the marketing department in order to help the business achieve Its corporate alms and objectives, I. E. The alms and objectives for the business as a whole. 1. Research a company that you are familiar with, for example, Walkers crisps. What do you think are the business aims and objectives of the company? 2. Investigate the type of promotions that your chosen company undertakes as a part of the marketing mix, for example, television advertising.

Explain how the pronouns that your chosen company uses relates to other elements of the racketing mix by answering the following questions. How does promotion affect price? How does promotion affect product? How does promotion affect place? 3. How does the integration of all elements of the marketing mix help the company meet its corporate aims and objectives? E Evaluate and Justify promotional mix In order to meet the grading criteria for ODL learners must evaluate and Justify the use of an appropriate promotional mix In relation to marketing objectives for the selected organization.

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Learners should start by stating the marketing objectives of the many and then carry out the following activity. 1. Write a paragraph about the strengths of your chosen promotional mix. Which element of the promotion mix is the strongest? 2. Write a paragraph about the weaknesses of your chosen promotional mix. Which element of the promotion mix is the weakest? 3. Write a paragraph about how the promotion mix used helps to meet the marketing objectives of the company. 4. Of all the elements in the promotional mix which do you believe to be the strongest In this Instance?

Justify your answer. E use of professional agencies In remissions In order to meet the grading criteria for MM learners must be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of using professional agencies in ensuring promotional success. To do this, learners will need to look at the relative merits of using a professional agency over an In-house team. Learners could be shown or seek out examples of promotional campaigns created by professional agencies, for example, television or print advertisements, and then answer the following questions. 1.

Which aspects of the campaign(s) do you thaliana In-house team could reform without the use of a professional agency? 2. Which aspects of the campaign(s) do you think required a professional agency? Justify your answers to both questions. The grading criteria for MM requires learners to provide a rationale for a promotional campaign. Learners will need to be able to identify each element of a promotional campaign and explain its role. Learners must also say why each element is important in order to develop their analysis. Learners could be given the following task to complete in preparation for the assignment.

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