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Threats: Figure 1 (Examine) PEST is a business measurement tool which stands for Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors, I which used to know the impact of the external factor on company (Evenhanded). Here are some of the factors which affect Santa (Wenches): Political: British Airways and Santa merge merged. Which it was a truly global airline step, because the two sides’ route network coverage matched well (Devalue, D. T 237). Economic: Santa was affected by the financial crises the percentage of business and first class was decreased crises, (Graham 106).

Social: The technological innovation affected Santa in a positive way such as: ; 6 Developing AWAY and 8747, these two plans can fly between two continents without topping. Providing internet service on airplane, which was a great attraction to business man (Labels, Bunch and Peters 1). Figure 2 (Proven Models) Santa Macro-environment Macro environment is the major external uncontrollable factors, which affect an organization ‘s decision making, strategies and performance.

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For instance: economic, social, technological, and nature factors (investigators). The most important factors that influenced Santa and its profit are (wenches): Government: Natural Factors: Due to environmental circumstances some long route direct flights are often delayed (Adam). PEST is a macro environment frame work so these factors in addition, to what was mentioned in the PEST above are the most important factors affected Santa. Figure 3 (Santa Airways) Santa Micro-environment Santa micro environment is number of factors that are part of Santa marketing process, but remain external, however it has element of control on this environment, for example: Suppliers: Customers: But as result of the financial crises the number of first-class travelers decreased (Geri and Ralston 319) 8 Competitors: International Air Transport Association announced that the top for cargo traffic Nanking was Lufthansa, and the British aviation is at the top of passenger.

Which put Santa is in the tenth of this list. Other stronger competitors have influenced Santa and its profit like; Tithed and Emirates. Figure 4 (Studied ) Marketing Research There are two methods of marketing research: Primary research seeks to understand customer motivations, opinions and needs through quantitative and qualitative field research. Importance of market research: ;Increased Sales. This research helps the marketers to make a decision about the product or service; such as the price and the target. Better Customer Management.

Market research helps to investigate about the customers’ needs and the best ways to satisfy them. ; Understanding the competition. Santa collected a lot of data about its customers, suppliers, competitors, products and services, this help it to make a decision about consumer business and business to business market. For example collected data about its customers like their social classes, income help it to know how to target; after collecting data about customers Santa realized that there are customers who will pay more to get high standard service, on other hand;

Example of business to business; Santa need to make an agreement with some food companies to provide it with food for its passengers, collecting data about the suppliers helps it to select the best supplier that gives best price, service, and foods. Collecting data about Santa competitors helps it to figure out their strengths, so it will try to do something better than them, and their weaknesses, to avoid them. This makes it a very strong competitor.

Santa realized the importance of segmentation to get high income with low cost. So it has segmented its customers into many groups depending on their characteristics ND needs by using segmentation methods Cobber 275) for example: Cryptographic Demographics segmentation is used to identify who are the segment members-for instance, men/women, kids/adult, and singles/couples. Santa has used this method to segment people by their ages, for example: children receive their own television programs, meals, and gifts.

Positioning is a process where marketers try to create an image in consumer’s mind or distinctive place in the market for a company or its product (wisped). New features that give customers benefits that rivals cannot match, or by providing period service, etc… Cobber 305) Santa positioned itself in many ways but the two major ways, which does really differentiate it, are: Firstly 11 Figure 6 (Santa Airways) Secondly it positioned itself as the highest growth region; the group offers service s across 182 destinations in 44 countries. 2 *Repositioning is a process where marketers need to change the target market, or the differential advantage Cobber 309). Buyer Behavior Understanding your customers’ buying behavior is one of the elements that help to be successful, without this understanding it makes gaining more customers difficult. There is a link between buyer behavior and promotion, because when you understand your buyer behavior you can promote your product or service in the most effective way (MOB Marketing). Customers’ buying behavior is based on Customers base their buying decisions on rational and emotional reasons. The content removed Are They Buying For Others? Sometimes customer buys on behalf of others.. 13 Example of promotions offers special promotions for its loyal customer Sample Assignment: Part of the content removed Providing special services to the mothers, like setting n the first row to get cradle to their children.

Marketing Strategy and Planning Marketing plan is a written document that describes your advertising and marketing efforts for the coming year; it includes a statement of the marketing situation, a discussion of target markets and company positioning and a description of the marketing mix you intend to use to reach your marketing goals (Entrepreneur Media). Marketing plan important because of: Marketing auditing is an analysis of a company ‘s objectives, goals, operation and efficiency by using tools like SOOT and PEST (Caffeine).

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