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The first one y improve the formula of the products and the other was to extend the NAIVE FORMER product range. In other words we can say that these were two strategies which was used to re-launching the NAIVE. By using these two strategies NAIVE was re-launched by the company. It might be used as a first data in this case study or assignment work for re-launch the NEVI. NEVI had easily re-launched by the given two strategies, by re-launching Quality also safe there was no effect on quality previously.

But NEVI took steps continuously to make its quality more perfect as it want. This focus on product development imbibe with emphases on consumer needs is a key differentiator for NAIVE. As they want while using this product by female, Malls should also having some brand loyalty with EN-VIA. So they used to take steps to develop the quality of the product. They also supposed to use the SOOT & PEST Analysis to re-launch or to develop the quality of product or advertised the NAIVE. It Identified several strength. Nakedness, opportunities & threats so they easily know how they advertised or marketed this product. The second piece of data to make market plan and re-launched the NEVI was used o look at all the target markets to attract the customers and make the customer brand loyal of NAIVE. These were used two ways to marketed or advertised the NEVI. 1) Above the Line Promotion: It may also call direct expenditure of an advertising which was used to market NEVI. By this above line promotion, they can easily market the product by T.

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V channels etc. 2) Below the Line Promotion: This promotion may also called indirect expenditure on promotion, such as for TV channels or commercial. 3) 2nd Data Piece: price conscious, Because NEVI had a rare price or less cost as compare to the other skin products. There were the sales of male skincare products and had greater share is the market. But due to lack of advantage of changing social attitudes, men were becoming more open, or certainly less resistance to facial skincare product.

After the marketed or advertised the NAIVE and used the above strategies all the results show that in the I-J the NAIVE re-launched met its overall targets and this built on the brand & company’s strength to take advantages of the increasing change of male attitudes to using skincare products. Conclusion: From the above points we can easily understand the two pieces of data while repairing its marketing plan to re-launch NAIVE FOR MEN. Q. 2 Explain why NAIVE used football sponsorship to help increase its sales of NAIVE FOR MEN?

A business needs to set its overall direction for the company through a business plan. The plan sets out how the company is to achieve its aims. The aims ; objectives of a business inform and shape it’s a business plan. For market and advertise the product NAIVE used to took steps towards the any other way of marketing plan or choose the target market, while knowing the relationships between the two plans weather planning to market the product or to get good will in the racket.

NAIVE wanted to build a good relationships and keep the goodwill in the market, advertised the product. The marketing team set goal or objective of the NAIVE FOR MEN called smart objectives having specific, measurable, achiever and realistic. After create good relationships with the customers NAIVE FOR MEN was a market leader of many countries and was consistently gaining additional market share. So here we can say now customers have affinity with the brand.

When the owner of the company looked towards the goodwill of the company and want to market the product, took steps for more publicity of the quality of product. They choose the football to sponsorship for their brand “NAIVE FOR MEN” because they love this game and knew that in those days football was the centre of the focusing point and In UK the most played game or the game whom loved by the citizens’ choose by the NAIVE brand. That’s why they knew by this way NAIVE FOR MEN can easily marketed.

By the above points we can easily understand the reason of sponsorship by football to increase the sale. Q. 3 using the case study put together a SOOT analysis of NAIVE’S position Just before the re-launch of NAIVE FOR MEN. Detailed look at the internal strengths and weaknesses of the business as well as external opportunities and threats in the market place. Strengths: -NAIVE FOR MEN identified several strengths. -NAIVE FOR MEN was the I-J market leading more facial skincare brand which gave it strong brand recognition. The company had a sound financial base so it had the recourses to put together a strong market campaign -It also had a staff with relevant skills researchers with scientific skills to develop product that men want and marketing staff with the skills to help promote these product effectively. Weaknesses: -More facial brand NAIVE FOR MEN needed also to be aware of any weaknesses. Risk for target audience while product range still relevant or not. -Weather it have the right sales and distribution outlets or not. -Market research up-to-date or not.

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