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Such statement describes how much the twentieth century architectures is cherished and appreciated. That was the era building were being built with technological possibilities and opening door for the next century. It paved the way for the existence of the philosophy and style of a type of art and architecture called Art Nouveau, meaning ‘New Art’ in English, which because a global sensation in the early twentieth century. The twentieth century birthed a great number of styles which is admired everywhere.

The American Architect Midwesterner Frank Lloyd Wright contributed to the arts of that era as well as other architects like Doll Loss, Ludwig Miss van deer Roe and El Couriers. Artistic innovations of Europe paved the way for modern movements in the US, which grew rapidly. Modernism is a style that focuses on abstract colors, shapes, and textures and rejected aged traditional styles and ideas. It usually exposes the inner structures rather than concealing them, which was mainly used in its past. Modern Architecture uses the same concept.

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Doll Loss of Czechoslovakia influences Modern Architecture especially in Europe. He wrote an essay called Ornament and Crime, which brought a whole new idea into the field. In the essay he described ornaments as obsolete because it will cause the art lose its sense of style is equivalent to being a crime. In this book he writes, “Every period had its style: why was that our period was the only one to be denied a style? ” (Loss), He believed the government has struggled into a state with the uses or ornaments so why should it still be used.

But he also simple objects should rather be used because it is not capable to of going out of style and can be admired and treasured at any period of time. This mentality of art has remained relevant till today in the minds of artists and architects like Louis Sullivan, who he inspired. Frank Lloyd Wright, who is another famous influential architect of Chicago, created the Prairie style in Chicago. He’s style was more on the crafty side, which included stained glass windows, ceramics, and wood.

He created this style though trying to build his house with Louis Sullivan, who was he was irking together with as an apprentice but a miscommunication concluded that friendship for two decades and put Wright on a quest of his own. Later he started his own business designing houses with the Prairie style of architecture. With Famous The William H. Winslow house being his first independent mission and applying his style of architecture, he gained local attention. His houses were built on low and long prairies that sat on low- pitched roofs and had long rows of windows but the houses did not includes basements or attics.

This Style later became admired in Europe and Japan, which is visited. Wright created over a thousand and a hundred design buildings and was named the Greatest American architect of all time in 1991. Another pioneer of modern architecture, Ludwig Miss van deer Roe also known as Miss, is known for putting “God in the details. ” He believed detains are very important in on??s work and should be complete thoroughly. He defined inner spaces with flat glass and industrial steel. He is a German native with a stone carving background, which explains why his works are so precise eke seen in his creation of the Crown Hall in Chicago.

He initially was an architect that was still building traditional neoclassical building but later converted into modernism after facing criticism after the first World War. He debuted with an all-glass skyscraper, which has become the standard of most skyscrapers. He style is very abstract but at the same time simple and direct. Charles-Detoured Jeanne-Girls Also known as El Couriers among few is a pioneer of modern architecture from Switzerland but a French citizen. He is owned in America, India and Europe for building buildings in them for about fifty years.

His works are elements of clear geometrical forms. He is well known for his influences in Serbian Planning, which did with dedication. He found efficient ways of providing slums and urban housings with a lot of space for sizable amount of people to suit housing issues that affect the lower class. The input this concept was a project he designed called Vile Contemporaries, which at the moment was extravagant. He also created the division between the pedestrian pavement and roads for cars.

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