Managerial Economics Assignment

Managerial Economics Assignment Words: 441

Analyze what would happen to equilibrium price and quantity in the market for Pepsi if the following occurred (be sure to indicate WHY it happens as well): a. The price of Coke decreases: If the price of coke diminishes the demand will increase and if Pepsi stays the same the demand will stand still. This means that if the price of Coke decreases and the price of Pepsi remains the same, since Pepsi has a higher price which will increase the quantity demand for Coke and the demand for

Pepsi will fall down. B. Average household income falls from $50,000 to $43,000: As a whole the average household income falls then the last decision I think it’s up to the customer’s budget and if they have money left to buy or not Pepsi. However demand would definitely decrease because of household budget falls. C. There are improvements in soft-drink bottling technology: If there are improvements in soft-drink bottling it would definitely increase the supply of Pepsi and show outward shift of the supply curve.

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There would be a higher in demand and decrease price. So the demand will be met faster for Pepsi and an improvement in consumer satisfaction as well. D. The price of sugar increases and the Pepsi launches an extremely successful advertising campaign: If sugar increases then it will cost more to produce Pepsi and the profit margin will decrease unless the price to the consumer goes up 2. A. Analyze the following demand and supply equations. What is market equilibrium price? What is market equilibrium quantity?

Demand: Sq = 100 – supply: SQ = 10+UP – Market equilibrium price is the state in which the market supply and demand is at balance and as a result prices become stable. Equilibrium quantity is equals the quantity demanded and quantity supplied. In a market graph, the equilibrium quantity is located at the intersection of the demand curve and the supply curve. Managerial Economics Assignment By tracheal 987 quantity demanded? What is quantity supplied? Is there a shortage or a surplus?

Demand: Sq = 100- = 28 10+6(42) =262 In this case there is a surplus since since there is more than what is needed. A surplus any number of resources that exceeds the portion that is utilized and this is exactly what happened here. The quantity supplied was bigger than the one demanded. 3. Using the diagram below, answer the following questions: a. How much is the per-unit tax on cigarettes? 5. 50-4. 25= $1. 25 b. What price do consumers pay after the tax? $5. 50 c. How much tax revenue is collected? Billion d. What is the amount of deadweight loss?

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