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Another way of accessing performance is by collating data on customer’s feedback about the individual consultant. All results can be produced through a team email, meeting or coaching. Obtaining a 360-degree feedback will be most valuable in assessing their strengths and weaknesses. The degree should be performed and completed by their manager and up to five of their peers with whom they work. This assessment will let the business and employer know what people they work with think about their attitude, performance, and business ethics.

Performance Appraisals Determines: Rewards and/or promotions for an individual who is meeting [exceeding performance ; Identify and discuss gaps in skills, knowledge and attitudes that impact on an individual’s performance ; Identify and discuss environmental or workplace weaknesses preventing the individual from meeting their goals and Most staff members will expect that they will be required to give feedback at the end of their appraisal.

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What is important is team members are made to feel that management will actually take notice of their feedback and use it to coach and make any improvements. Live Performance Monitoring I have provided a sample bar chart below from when I worked at Tellers. The chart displays how a team’s Adherence on calls is monitored by the sales teams. As you see the amount of calls answered is the first column which is then followed by the activities that one undertakes while on that call.

You need to measure how the customer Judges the outcome of the product or service, through a phone or email survey at the end of each business discussion. Tellers have this process in place. The process is completed by asking the customer to stay on the line while at the end of the call while you transfer them through to a questioner/ survey about your performance today. The rating is from 1 (lowest) & 5 (highest) then next they will be ask to provide any feedback.

Statistics can be taken IA the login of the consultant’s phone that produces a per cent % on how many customers were transferred to the questioner [survey. Customer Survey Satisfaction Result handling and processing of customer requests for prompt reliable services and assistance. For the past few years, Tellers have proactively been monitoring the "First Contact Resolution” (FCC) metric as a Key Performance Indicator (KIP) of 80%. This is a Voice of the customer’ driven strategy – reported in a Corporate Responsibility Report (Inc, 2012) we are doing a lot more listening.

We are implementing tools and recesses that allow us to clearly understand and fix main points for our customers states David Toothed CEO. As well as the phone interaction customers have with staff Tellers has established a new online panel – My Tellers Experience – so that customers can regularly tell them what they think of their experiences and where they need to improve on service. 2 Figure 5 Compliance MIDI F source: (Dave, 2012) 2 Figure 5 shown in this report is my own collection of statistical results I obtained this assignment.

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