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Company tries to set up a level of customer service, they will try to provide customer service at this level. It’s because a good customer service can help to enhance satisfactory of customer during purchase goods and service. After the level is set, organization keeps monitoring and ad]gusting customer service level because they need to measure performance and find a way to improve as it is under the level. Organization prepares the relevant data, such as customer survey report. Based on this data, organization makes a report of customer service. Then organization will aware the problem and takes action to solve the problem.

On the last part of assignment, there are some suggestions to Improve the customer services which are provided by this company. It’s because quality customer service is a way to create profit to organization. 1 . Describe the business, its products, services, customers, locations, size, and competitors. CAROLINE Is Hong Kong first private cord blood bank was established In 1 996 and officially launched in January 1998. As an experienced cord blood bank with a longer history comparing to Japan, Singapore, Mainland China, Taiwan and Malaysia, CAROLINE leads the local and Asian cord blood storage industry.

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According to the website [1], they try to provide the best cord blood storage service. As a trustworthy and quality cord blood bank, they make a large Investment to cord blood storage and application. Also they have several stem cell research programs with local researchers and organize educational seminar regularly to promote the values of cord blood. CAROLINE cord blood storage provides processing, certifications and storage of stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord blood Immediately after childbirth. They newborns’ umbilical cord blood for future medical use.

They want to store cord blood of their newborn babies for the future. Then here are some private companies enter to this market. The collection of cord blood is professional process. The cord blood must be picked up and stored as soon as possible. Parents want those companies can pick up the cord blood on time because they want to keep the quality of the cord blood. As to satisfy the wants of customer, those companies promise the cord blood will be picked up and storage within several hours. For examples, CAROLINE promise the cord blood will be picked up within 12 hours and completed the processing and storage within 24 hours.

Also, they will have a standby team to pick up cord blood 365 days a year. Secondly, customers will want to know the quality of cord blood after it is picked up by private companies. If the number of stem cell harvested from cord blood sample is less than minimum requirement, the cord blood is not suitable for storage. Based on this requirement, customers want to have a report about the cord blood. As the need of customer, the companies will provide the report to their clients after they collected the cord blood.

In this case, CAROLINE promise to provide a brief report to the clients within 2 working days after they pick up the cord blood and they will provide a detailed report to client within two months. Also, if the cord blood is under the requirement, they agree the customers to cancel the service. As the quality of cord blood is a main concern of the customers. After customers signed a service contract with those companies about storage cord blood, they want to know the update report periodically. The main goal of the companies is to satisfy the need of customer, so they will try to provide a report periodically.

For example, CAROLINE will publish Bi-annual cord blood viability test report on website. The environment of cord blood storage laboratory is main factor about the quality of cord blood. Customer want to know environment of laboratory, the transparency of storage environment is customers concern. The companies should try to increase the transparency of their laboratory and make customer to have confidence of their service. In this case, CAROLINE set up a live webmaster function on the website, customer can see update situation of the laboratory 24 hours a day. 3.

What customer service is provided? Who in the organization is responsible to provide this service? According to Turban Afraid “Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or revive has met the customer expectation. ” [4] For example, an electronic company will provide customer support for their product, customer can make any enquiry about the product, customer service support center will try to answer those enquires of customers. It can enhance customer satisfaction after they purchase the products. Et of activities and programs that is undertaken by an organization to make the experience more rewarding for your customers. These activities will increase the value customers received from the merchandise and services that any organization provides. All employees of an organization and all elements of the organization provide service that increase the value of the merchandise of service provided. ” [5] All employees of organization provide customer services to customers, such as customer service center staff, delivery or transport department, sales department, warehouse, inventory staff and finance department.

The good customer service can enhance satisfaction of customer, it can build up the loyalty to company and the profit will be ensured. As these benefit of good customer service, all employees of organization should set a level of customer service and make sure the level is equal o customer expectation. As the case study, the customer service can be divided into two parts, they are enquiry and enrolment. Those customer services are mainly provided by customer service center. About enquiry, the main service is enquiry hotelier.

As cord blood storage is not a common service in the market of Hong Kong, parents will want to understand more about cord blood storage before they try to purchase the service. For those customers, enquiry hotelier is an important way for them to contact the organization to raise enquiries. So a good enquiry hotelier is a very important way to monomaniac with customer and potential client. As a good service of enquiry hotelier, customer will expect the staff can response in polite attitude because the good experience of communication can enhance the satisfaction of customer.

For potential client, good attitude of enquiry hotelier will give a good image to them, it can enhance their willing to choose that organization. The answer from enquiry hotelier must be accurate and informative. If the answer is accurate and informative, it can build up confidence and loyalty to the organization. When the organization cannot provide an accurate answer to client, client will sauntered and feel confuse, the organization will lose their business finally. The second part is enrolment service, when a customer decides to choose CROCODILE, the client will make an appointment with the organization and sign a contract with them.

The enrolment service is a first step of processing storage. About enrolment, customer want the appointment is punctual. As the time is very important to everyone, customer will want the company can make a punctual appointment with them. If the organization cannot promise to make a punctual appointment, customer will feel unhappy as the lack of respect from organization. With the organization. The organization should explain the enrolment procedure and service contract clearly, it can give a confidence to customer and build up a confidence to the service.

As the statement of contract is very complicated, customers do not have enough knowledge to understand the contract. They want the company can explain the contract clearly before they sign it. When customers cannot understand well about the contract, it decreases their willing to sign a contract. The organization will lose the profit finally. 4. Describe how customer service levels are set. The customer service level is a function of inventory management and measures the verbal performance of the company when dealing with transactions. Formulas are used to determine customer satisfaction based on predefined goals.

Figure A Figure B On figure A, organizations provide customer service at 70% level of customer service, it is a minimum acceptable level of customer. If one organization decides to provide customer service at this level to meet customer’s expectation, it will make customer feel unhappy and they will not want to purchase service or good from this organization again. Company or organization will lose their business as their customer service is on this level. At 80% level of customer service, the customer service can meet the customer’s expectation to your service, the customer will be satisfied.

On Figure B, it is figure of Parent principle. “The Parent principle (also known as the 80-20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsely) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. ” [6] As figure B, The effort of provide 80% level of customer service is only 20%. It is very easy to provide this level of customer service, your competitors also can reach at this level of customer service. If your competitors provide a better service to customer, your customer will prefer to purchase service or goods form your competitor.

At 90% level of customer service, the customer would like the customer service which organization provide. At this level, you can start to build up a good image to your customer. Your customer will prefer to choose your service or good again and they will become a regular. And customer will put your organization on the preferential basis. Can provide customer service at this level, it can impress your customer so much and they will keep coming back. As you can provide highest level of customer service, you an build up a loyalty and shopping momentum effect. Your customer is difficult to purchase goods and service from your competitors.

But as Parent principle, the effort of providing 100% level of is 100%. The cost of providing 100% level of customer service is very expensive, the organization need allocate a lot of resources to achieve this level. As this reason, organization will try to set a level of customer service between 94-97% because the cost of service is relatively low and the effect is similar to 100% level of customer service. On this cast, CROCODILE divided their customer service in enquiry and enrolment. They set 97% as their level of customer service. And they are set some indicators to measure the performance of customer service.

For enquiry service, the indicators are accessible of enquiry hotelier, the attitude of response, the accurate of answer and information of answer. For enrolment, they are punctual on appointment, professional in appearance, clear explanation on enrolment procedure & service, knowledge in cord blood banking service and attitude of response. They request the results of those indicators are at 97%. They will have a customer satisfaction survey once a month, it is easier to monitor those customer service can be achieve to their requested level. 5. Describe how the company reports on customer service.

Monitor and adjust customer service is import to organization because it is the way to measure, observe and record the performance of customer service. The organization can understand the achievement of customer service. If the performance is under the level, organization can find some solutions to improve. If it is over the level, organization will try to maintain standard. There are some methods to monitor and adjust customer services, for example customer comments, complaint letters and customer survey. The information can help organization to identify the problem and make an improvement.

CROCODILE GORIER wants to monitor and adjust their customer service, they keep doing customer service survey once a month. The following table is the result of customer service survey on 2012. About enrolment service, there are 6 indicators to measure the level of the customer service. The average scores of those 6 indicators is about 97%, it is similar to the customer service level which is set by the company. But the performance was under the level on June, July and November. It showed that the performance cannot et the level, customer did not satisfied on those months. Enrolment service at the requested level. If the level cannot be kept at a requested level, the customer service may not enhance the satisfaction of customer. And the company will lose their business as the customer service is not at a requested level. About enquiry service, there are 5 indicators to measure the level of the customer service. The average performance of these indicators is only 94%, it is under the level which is set by the company. Especially the performance was under 90% on Cot and November, it meant that customer service cannot help the company to build up loyalty of customer at this level.

As the summary of those data, the enquiry service cannot meet the requested level on 2012. It is a serious problem to the company because the service is not at an expected level, the customer service level is Just as same as customer expected. Other competitor is easy to provide service at this level, customer cannot build a loyalty to the company, they may not come again to purchase goods and services. As the performance of customer service was not so stable, the company should consider to take some action to improve those customer service to achieve the level which they set. 6.

Discuss how you would improve the customer service offered by this organization. As the report of the customer service, it showed that the customer service is under the requested by the company. Company must go to take action to improve the customer service level, they must put effort to maintain customer service at a requested level. Based on the report, there are some suggestions to improve the customer service. About the enquiry service, the staffs of customer service center should have a regularly training to improve their skill to communicate with the customer. It is because the customer did not satisfy about the attitude of response.

Some of them give a relatively low score on this. In the training, company should give some case studies to the staff for practicing, it is a good method to train their communication skill. As the knowledge of cord blood storage is so complicated, customers do not have enough time to learn the knowledge. The company can hold some exhibition or seminar talk in the public, customers can have a rough knowledge through those activities. When customers make an enquiry call to hotelier, the staff can explain to hose customers easily because the customer already have the basic knowledge.

It can improve the performance of enquiry call. Company should try some method to motivate staff to achieve the requirement. For example, the company can launch the best service staff election program and customers have a chance to select their best staff of customer service. The best staff will have reward. It can motivate staff to put larger effort to provide quality customer service. As the goal of customer service is to satisfy customer need, the easiest way is listening suggestion from customer. The organization can form a customer focus roof and invite ten or twelve of the most loyal customer.

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