Malik Douglas Assignment

Malik Douglas Assignment Words: 328

This essay is due at the end of lesson HI 12 and is worth 60% of the HI 00 grade. Refer to HI 00 Annexes A, B, C, and D for specific guidance on how to write the argumentative essay. Student Self-Assessment Faculty Assessment Exceptional Satisfactory unsatisfactory Us absence Points Content (40 Points) 35 Thesis is clear and concise. Content is fully compliant with the assigned requirement and the needs of the reader; everything is accurate; level of detail is suited to the needs of the assigned requirement and reader.

Explanations and descriptions of content are clear and precise. Quantitative information is relevant and accurate, expressed with appropriate examples, and well integrated into the text. Thesis is not clear. Small omissions or inadequacies in content, but adequately covers the written requirement and needs of the reader. Some minor inaccuracies, but primarily accurate. May occasionally include irrelevant details or omit important details. Explanations and descriptions are almost always clear and precise. Quantitative information is accurate, and related to the text. No thesis.

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Information (facts, assumptions, concepts/theories) are not accurate, and/or content is relevant, missing, or misrepresented, and/or insufficient detail, and/or inaccurate or ineffective management of quantitative information. Analysis/Problem-Solving/Conclusions (30 Points) 30 Attains highest cognitive level that is appropriate to the assignment. Insightful, original analysis; conclusions superbly supported by evidence clearly explained; consideration of ethical/legal issues when relevant; consideration of alternative points of view or counter-evidence is fully addressed. Attains an adequate cognitive level appropriate to the assignment.

Thorough analysis, though perhaps not as insightful or original as it could be; conclusions adequately supported by evidence clearly explained; legal/ethical issues addressed but may be superficially treated; alternative points of view or counter-evidence, but may not be fully addressed. Remains at a low cognitive level. Analysis superficial; little or no relation between conclusions and evidence; ethical/legal issues ignored; fails to address alternative points of view or counter evidence.

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