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Procedure A. Pre-reading 1. Motivation preview The teacher will post pictures showing different ways on how water becomes polluted. Students will be asked to tell something about the pictures and what is common among them. The teacher will introduce the reading text, “Water Pollution”. The motive question would be: What do you think are the reasons behind water pollution? Let us find out. 2. Unlocking of Difficulties The teacher will present sentences with unfamiliar words from the text. The students will choose the correct meaning Of the unfamiliar word from the box. 1. Microscopic

It can be polluted by microscopic organisms, which are so tiny, they can only be seen with a microscope. 2. Contagious These organisms are sometimes contagious and can make us sick. 3. Rodent Another major cause of water pollution is the fertilizers farmers use to make their crops grow fast and the pesticides they use to kill bugs and rodents. Students will be given a copy of the reading text and will be asked to scan it for about 2 to 3 minutes. They have to remember important points from it. B. While Reading Question After scanning, students will be asked to formulate questions out Of their bservation.

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Selected students will share to the class those questions they have formulated. Read Students will read the text again. But this time 5-10 minutes will be given for them to be able to fully understand the whole text and get the possible answers to the formulated questions. After doing so, the text will be discussed further. C. post Reading Su mmary Students will fill out the Fish Bone Diagram with the causes of water pollution. Test The class will be divided into three groups and will be given different collaborative activities: Group 1: Present a 3 minute jingle about the ways to revent water pollution.

Group 2: Pretend to be a member of Environment Protection Team and present a Community Awareness Program highlighting the factors contributing to Water Pollution. Group 3: Make an advocacy about taking care of the bodies of water through poster or slogan. IV. Assignment: With the same groupings, students will conduct an interview with parents, teachers or barangay officials asking for their views about water pollution and pieces of advice on how to prevent it. The interview must be recorded and will be played on the next meeting.

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