Love Is a Four Way Street Assignment

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In the article” The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love “the author gives a global interpretation of what marrying for love means to different cultures. While Americans strive to focus on the love connection before marriage, the writer of the article Stephanie Coontz points out that other countries practice the total opposite.

Although marriage is an institution that brings two people together, Coontz describes this as being “under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive and most transient of passions” and are required to feel excited about each other every day for he rest of their lives until death do them apart. Coontz made sure to point out how other cultures viewed love and marriage and how they differ from one another. In societies like India and Kenya, arranged marriages are very common in their culture; it is good to develop love after marriage (Coontz).

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Love was being treated as a mind bending mental disease back in ancient times, and the cure for it was sex with a loved one or just a partner of choice, a quick way to rid the thoughts of bowing to love while moving on to more important things (Coontz). Coontz also explains that people choosing mates was inconceivable on the basis of something as fragile and irrational as love and then focus their sexual, intimate and desires on the resulting marriage (Coontz). According to Coontz, adultery seemed to be more accepted than love.

In places like China, and Europe love was seen as a threat. In china parents could decide if their sons wives were worthy of them and if not, send the wives back home, and even allow a concubine if the wife had pregnancy difficulties (Coontz). Love and marriage also was closely examined in social classes. As Coontz explains, lot of important kings would marry women that they were not in love with for political reasons, as well as woman who married for wealth, and entitlement while looking for love, and intimacy beyond their marriage (Coontz).

Also the Hindu culture, celebrates love and sexuality in marriage, but love and sexual attraction are not the main reasons for marriage. Coontz explains their Formula for marriage is “First we marry, then we’ll fall in love” (Coontz). According to a study as recently in 1 975, a survey with college students found that 18 ercent “strongly’ approved of marriages made on the bases of love, while 32 percent completely disapproved (Coontz).

Coontz explains, As time moved on, America, and Western Europe created a whole new set of values when it came to love and marriage, and Love has evolved in a big way, and without it the people would never know how they was suppose to feel about their significant other let alone be married together “under the influence of the most insane, most violent, most delusive and most transient of passions” (Coontz). Coontz also explains that he didn’t believe that the people Of the past had more control over their hearts than we do today or that they were incapable of deep love that so many people hope to achieve in a marriage (Coontz).

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