Marriage And Love In Pride And Prejudice Assignment

Marriage And Love In Pride And Prejudice Assignment Words: 416

Marriage and love in pride and prejudice Throughout the entire novel the author Jane Austin comments on topics such as love and marriage and how it was conducted in these time periods. Marriage in these times for women are almost arranged to a certain extent but woman are pressured by family to find a wealthy husband who can be an asset to family as a whole. Marriage in this time period was almost as much of an agreement between the families as it is about true love. Girls are pressured at an early age to conduct themselves In a high class manner that ill attract wealthy men.

And on the man’s side of the marriage they are taught to conduct themselves in a way that will attract girls that have been taught proper etiquette. So in a sense both sides awe taught to act a particular way that may be contrary to their true selves and also suppress their true expressions. With this being the case finding true love is a thing that would be very hard to find immediately into the relationship. I feel that it would be very rare for couples to have much of any real chemistry going into marriage cause of these reasons.

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Marriage in this time period was considered as a sacred thing and couples should not break their commitments to each other or worse to God. Divorce was almost unheard of in this time period so who you marry is who you will be with for the rest of your life so you had to choose wisely. A wrong decision could lead to a lifetime of misery. Mothers didn’t teach their daughters to kick for true love they taught them to find the wealthiest man and obey his commands or be a so called good wife.

Love in this culture was something that was almost fairytale all the girls believed in it and wanted it to happen for them but in some way or another it doesn’t. Especially in Lassie’s case were she let her prejudices of Dairy get in the way of seeing the real him in which she comes to find out she loves. Love is the thing that the girls are searching for throughout the marriage chase and is almost not found in Lassie’s case because both sides are putting up this front trying to be seen as something different than their true nature is.

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