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Applying effective stress management theory c. Demonstrating effective self-management in the use of resources such as time, money, and personal assets . Understanding the theories of healthy and successful relationships by: a. Describing how these theories apply to family, friends, social groups, work teams, and culturally diverse groups b. Practicing effective verbal and nonverbal communication c. Applying effective listening skills d. Applying theories related to assertive behavior e. Practicing conflict resolution skills and analyzing the process 4.

Understanding the changing nature of the world of work by: a. Exploring future occupational and academic trends b. Using knowledge and skills of personal and interpersonal effectiveness to achieve career c. Valuing diversity in the workplace elated goals 5. Understanding the role Of personal responsibility in workplace success by: a. Describing the characteristics of effective employees and their responses to performance assessment and varying leadership styles b. Demonstrating understanding of the necessity for policies and proceed urges in the workplace c.

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Demonstrating knowledge of job satisfaction, including intrinsic and extrinsic work motivations d. Describing factors which interfere with effective job performance such as alcohol and drug use, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, gender discrimination, age discrimination, and violations of ethical and moral standards COURSE REQUIREMENTS 1 . Three Examinations ; Covering the text’s chapters, class discussions and lectures. ; Tests will be administered in a multiple choice, short answer, and essay format.

Exams will delivered via ANGEL and submitted online ; Each exam will account for 20% of your final grade (60% Total). 2. Group Demonstrations in which groups will present meaningful psychological concepts or strategies and utilize them to resolve or enhance a designated social or occupational issue. Details of this assignment will be provided at a later date. This assignment will account for 15% of you final grade. 3. Participation/l_ABA Assignment credit will be given based on student’s professionalism, participation in class discussion and preparedness for class regarding reading assignments when the student is selected.

Lab Assignments will count for 25% of your final grade Although this course does not have an official lab designation, you will be asked to complete a series of in-class and online psychology lab exercises. For this semester, Thursdays are designated as our official virtual lab day. If you have a lab week, typically, you will log into ANGEL on Thursday and your lab will be available to you. You are expected to work on the assigned lab exercise during the respective time frame assigned. Do not miss the deadline or you will not receive credit for your assignment!

The content and style of the assignments will vary from chapter-to-chapter and include, but are not limited to, tasks such as online quizzing online psychology experiments, film analyses, debates, self-reflections, article reviews (scientific journals/popular magazines/newspapers), exams, case scenarios and field experiments. Some of these assignments you will have to complete during class (individually / pairs) and others you will be allowed to complete either at home or in the computer courtyard. Therefore, please arrive to class on-time to receive your lab assignment for the day/week/ chapter.

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