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Assignment 4 For my content analysis and quantitative research I will analyze the popular television show Love and Hip Hop: New York. I chose this show because I feel that it encompasses all things contribute to the representation of women In the media. This show is reality TV dock-drama that follows the lives of five celebrity women on their Journey through life, love and their respective careers. Along with the women there are a few men that play a role In this show as well as love Interest, mates, husbands and the occasional manager.

As this show has attractive women and rap music alike I found that this would be a great source for content analysis. The shows running time Is one hour Including commercials. I began the analysis by Identifying what I was looking for. I noticed a trend of sexual Images including, but not limited to, booty shots, provocative attire and the occasional suggestive sexual scene. I also noted an emphasis on drinking and partying, fighting and typical relationship issues such as love triangles. From those observations I grouped those things into 3 categories. The first is Recreational

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Activities, the second grouping was Relationships and the third grouping I categorized as Sexual Acts. Recreational activities include the drinking, smoking and partying. Relationships includes the fighting that is seen as a result different dynamic of relationships, (relationships is also the interaction between women not just two people in committed relationship), and also the love triangles. The last grouping Sexual Acts includes booty images or close ups, provocative attire, stripers, sex. Kissing, lap dances and groping. While conducting my research I noted that the cast members engaged in correctional activities more than 40 times.

I observed relationship issues more than 30 times and lastly I observed sexual acts at more than 25 times. After the show had aired I began to think of ways to expand this research by calculating the amount of time spent on each and, while I found that to be extremely difficult, I did see that a considerable amount of time was spent on each though and therefore concluded that without all of these things the show would do as well. To summarize my report I concluded that within an hour the representation of women was negatively portrayed at least 105 times.

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