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The paper collects the experiences of RSVP staff and director, its station recipients and volunteers?who all eave a unique experience in contributing to the organization and agencies that are directly changed by the volunteers which provide a service. Since the Station locations that RSVP services range from?human services, tourism, arts to culture each service provided is unique. The paper will demonstrate how volunteers help a community’s population while saving the community money.

This research will call upon the reader to reflect on something he or she can do at a local level to leave a footprint and inspire allows to follow. About RSVP RSVP is a corporation for national and community service?a network of oleanders, which is the main reason I chose this organization to research. Although RSVP is advertised for volunteers who are 55 years and older?senior retirees who may have considerable experience and knowledge in a variety of business areas? they except any volunteer who wishes to contribute his or her time or talent.

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Using senior volunteers allows a population that usually is the recipient of such services to give back to the community, help their peers and remaining agile?strengthening activity that could lead too healthier and longer life. Those under 55 years of age are recruited and may serve as an “associate volunteer”. Service opportunities at the national level are diverse like the communities and people it serves?and may include organizing neighborhood watch programs, tutoring and mentoring, renovating homes, teaching English to immigrants and or assisting disaster victims.

In our area opportunities are van driver or substitute driver for the RSVP American Cancer Society Road to Recovery Program; gardening volunteers for Manage Estates; client data collectors for the Food Bank of Western MA; assisting the Goodwill Industries boutique store; bookkeepers and reception, help with activity programs, and providing individual visits at nursing home. Stations are business locations where RSVP provides the service of volunteers.

Some RSVP stations in my area are Animal Dreams, Elder Services, Goodwill Industries, Habitat for Humanity, Hancock Shaker Village, Junior Achievement, Moments House and Ralph From Senior Center. Although there are no monetary benefits, other benefits may include pre-service orientation, training from organizations served and supplemental insurance while on duty?sponsoring organizations may reimburse for costs incurred while providing a service.

There is an application process for volunteers that inquires about the lonelier activities which you are interested, medical information, insurance information?as volunteers are covered to, from, and while serving at RSVP sites at no charge?and COIR request. The local office operates on a small staff of three to four persons?including the director, administrative assistant and volunteer coordinator. There are periodical newsletters which highlight volunteer recognitions, spotlighted organizations, requested donations, welcome notes, and volunteer opportunities.

The local RSVP program is said to bring knowledge to those that seek it and help to those hat need it making the county a better place to live. Volunteers of RSVP?lead inspire and change the world. * Lead – Volunteers lead by working in teams or independently, and choosing between human service organizations?volunteers are recruited, trained and placed throughout the community. * Inspire – Volunteers share unique skills learned in lifetime experiences influencing productivity and personal grow. New people are met and new skills are acquired. * Change the world – There is personal satisfaction of making an impact on someone else’s life.

Reading and recording for the blind and hysteric is example of one rewarding assignment. “l shall pass through this world but once. Any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me defer it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. ” – Tontine De Grille (1773-1855) The Stations In 2012, RSVP operated approximately sixty-one Volunteer Stations?with business like schools, municipal offices, hospital/medical center, senior programs/agencies, library, animal shelter, churches, and arts and culture organizations?to name a few.

The focus was on eight Stations to conduct the interview about services received from RSVP and how it affects their business. The eight businesses are as follows: 1. Animal D. R. E. A. M. S. – Manages feral cats through stabilization and socializes kittens and non-feral cats for adoption. 2. Elder Services – Provides aging services, information on financial aid and local benefits programs. 3. Goodwill Industries – Helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and working. 4.

Habitat for Humanity – A nonprofit, nondenominational Christian housing organization which builds simple, decent, affordable housing in partnership with people in need. 5. Hancock Shaker Village – The Village has historic buildings, hiking trails, farm and galleries, exhibitions, cafe©, creamery, and school/camp field. 6. Junior Achievement – Provides curriculum that is delivered to students by trained classroom volunteers. 7. Moments House – Day facility offering therapies, dance and music, yoga, workshops and support groups to residents living with a cancer diagnosis and their families. . Ralph From Center – Organization offering fun, colonization and recreation to seniors. The process of selecting which organization to interview was centered on my awareness with the organization and its availability. Some organization? contacted initially by email then by telephone? did not respond to the invitation. Organizations responding with interest to the email of introduction and invitation to participate in the research project?where selected and included in the project. The Service Station interviewed was Goodwill and interviewee was its Program Director.

The Interviews As selection for the project was being made I visited two locations which were insider good to conduct research?based on locality and willingness to help. I visited RSVP first, and spoke with a staff member about my interest and the project. She was very helpful and provided me with a folder containing volunteer application, resource calendar, brochure, newsletter, list of volunteer stations, rights and responsibilities of volunteers, and a five element impact form. The folder is standard ?given to volunteers as the process of applying to become a volunteer through RSVP.

It was very impressive to learn how structured and organized the organization was in supplying volunteers to area businesses. The next consideration was a private boarding school, historically known in the region?Miss Hall’s. Although the School season does not officially begin until late August through early September the School hosts musicians from Tangled? providing lodging and food. Staff and some faculty are also busy preparing for the school season; this made the School unable to provide the necessary time to participate in the project.

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