Leadership Handbook Assignment

Leadership Handbook Assignment Words: 304

The following tips will help as you compile and finish your leadership handbook k. If you have additional questions after reviewing this document, please email leadership@wgu. Du. Thank you! The purpose of this task is to create a handbook for new managers to h alp them improve their leadership skills. You should focus on the most important items within your topic that you feel a new manager should know to be more successful.

Each member of the team is responsible for creating two sections of the handbook. If someone drops out of the team exercise, you are still only required to com late the original two sections that were assigned. The list of 12 topics for the handbook k can be found in the Tasks instructions in Taskmaster. Everyone must write on two to pips, no duplication. All sections must be compiled into one handbook.

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The handbook must have a cohesive format (I margins, headings, spacing font, background, etc. ). There e is no specific formatting required as long as the format throughout the handbook s consistent. If someone drops out of the exercise after the section assignments have e been dad, each member still only needs to complete their two original sections. Visual elements, such as graphics, charts, etc should be included in you r handbook to improve the overall visual appeal of the final product.

Each member of the team will submit the same copy of the handbook, I individually, with their final Tasks submission. While you are required to submit the entire handbook to pass, you are only evaluated on the ;o sections you wrote. Every section (article) must include a list of three references (three seep rate sources), listed at the end of each section, and three corresponding citations

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