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Develop a personal leadership development plan with specific steps for completion Contribution -?10% On-going observation by tutors and evidence of on-time attendance preparation, contribution, support, completion of formative assignments, and development (lectures and tutorials/labs) Minimum Pass Mark – 40% My leadership stature envisions encompassing larger aspect of the leadership development. The leadership maintains to aim preeminence in its respective field of work. Its objectivity revolves around innovation and creativity of its own bona fide programs.

Its indigenous introspection and reflection helps to reform and raise level and quality of work. Steady progression of tasks undertaken is to be ensured. Establishment and enhancement of management-worker relationship; and curtailment of gap between the management, workers and its associates is envisaged. With soaring aims in sight leadership can sought to be a SUCCessfUl and beneficial leadership. Having the quality of being visionary is a huge blessing for a leader. I perceive personal model of a leader which trickles down the dynamism and consistence in work provides functionality and ambition among the work force.

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Ambitiously working with undeterred vigor sends down positivist to Rockford under the leadership and helps generating efficient productive environment. Relentless disciplined efforts are the core missions. Adequate planning and exemplary leadership execute training programs for leaders of the future leaders. Workshops circumscribing wider aspect are integral part of the training program and bring organization into the retrospect. Such generous and exemplary leadership is to formulate and improvise communicative and soft skills.

There are certain values which are most valued as a leader, it requires undeterred motivation, constant learning and spelling, And my goal is to retain such values then in this regard it’s likely that customers and employees will also get these values to some extent in this regard. The kind of person one needs to be in order to become a successful and goal achiever requires confidence in ones ability and the ability to be backed by firm implementation of the plans. It needs steadfastness for a person to be unmoved by a set-back or blow to the strategy.

It’s extremely important for a leader to have values which coincides with those of the employees in such cases employees are excited by the fact hat the person they are working under have similar values as them and it results in success of the organization usually. Aim to attain uniqueness and certain level of individuality in order to inspire the customers and employees into doing their job at least an optimum level. Implementation plan is comprehensive charting out the plan of action, which includes cost, obstructions and hindrances to be encountered, preparing a timeline, which would be required to achieve the inspired goals.

I would like to be proactive in implementing my plan of action. During the course of implementation, one loud come across a number of difficulties, which, if not, realized in the early stages may turn into bigger problems and hence increase in cost. Preparing a proper guideline for all the departments of the company to provide the line of action in order to obtain a smooth working path. I would rather prepare an implementation through which information can easily be obtained and understood in the manner it was meant to be conveyed.

Such an implementation plan would be highly regarded as a success builder. My personal model of leader is would have certain, phenomenal qualities. As I believe that only if the model imparts appreciable knowledge and inspirational leadership then only the trickled effect occurs and allows its employees to work at an optimum level. I would rather mention and draw a personal model possessing certain qualities. It is clearly evident that most high and effective leadership is driven by a model.

And this theory stands firm also when that inspiring raises the stature with certain amount of individuality and uniqueness. A Leadership model is an instrument a tool which leaders utilize to foresee results and consequences of particular decisions taken at critical moments. It is such a del that improves the ability to spur creative ideas and improvise as per the need. Any such leadership model can be developed by considering an example of success and achieving leader. It can be learnt how they maneuver and tackle different sorts of problems and bring about their solutions.

It is taken into account the way leaders stand with their firm attitude on their stance and when do they take even U-turn if the need occurs. All leadership models are different to an extent from each other and hence cannot be compared but can be illustrated to acquire knowledge. Some leadership are developed on shear competitiveness and the urge to succeed in rough conditions and environment. They impart aggressive attitude towards to solution of certain problems which in certain way deters the opponents from being proactive and hence remaining behind.

The urge of set foot and conquer leads them to take risky decisions and implementing them in an aggressive manner and eventually resulting in success. Such leaders skill are driven by the act of humility and manner of paying heed each individuals honest advice for the development of the association. Leading from the front is what is expected from such leaders and hence translating that attitude into results. Such is the result oriented leadership. Having faith in the employees is an essential ingredient for a leader to succeed in its goal achievement plan.

Such attitude also gives confidence to the employees as well. This sort of approach is in a way slightly unique in the sense that it eventually brings to at round-about or rather a win-win situation. Such an attitude becomes a discipline and it translates itself into the implication of providing tremendous executive power to the leadership of the association. The leader ensures that his team shares the same values and vision for the objectivity of their common goal. He feels that his instructions have been clearly conveyed and his team stands loyal to his agenda.

With certain amount Of diversity, an style Of leadership is acquiring simplicity and elegance towards achievement their respective goals. Such model of leadership requires a striking balance amongst all the stake-holders of the team; whether it be the management, employees, customers or suppliers. This type of model has also brought about exemplary leadership and stunning results. This leadership avoids conflict or harshness during the course of the action plan and rather believes in subtle and smooth on-going process.

It allows all the stakeholders to focus on their respective tasks with a lot more creativity and engraving individuality into the production of their service. Having such core values in the corporate culture blossoms the team with extremely worthwhile working individual, as it increases their work capacity by allowing having their own input towards the attainment Of a common agenda. It is highly beneficial for the booming economies to inculcate such corporate culture for best practices.

Moving forth, the example that we now have is concerning the shift that is being provided by slight and subtle maneuver in the strategy of the joint adhering. It covers the transition from primitive stages of leadership to the prime. The grasp at which the leadership operates is an issue with which such type of leadership needs to go through. Tackling the shift in strategy is trademark of such a leadership. Once the strategy is set by the leadership it generally holds its path towards execution; but it is not always the case.

In order to obtain best results at time it is required for the strategy to be remodeled and reshaped. What the customers see is the final outcome and not the process that brings the final outcome. And if the strategy is shifted monthly with subtle change then it would not deter the customers from acquiring or buying the final outcome. That is where such leadership plays its role; to ensuring smooth transition from one strategy to another. And this leadership proves its mettle by taking enormous decision of bring about some sort of diversion in the course of plan.

The impact which leaders have on the association is of enormous level. The leaders who have some impact on their organization are ones who portray self-involvement with eagerness to know the exact detail. In case of a failure leadership with an impact with show personal interest and involvement to the tot cause of the failure till it finds out substantial amount of information from failure afflicted project. Leadership model is required at each and every stage of the process and result oriented outcome; it is to ensure smooth running of the flow and getting out the best of capabilities from its employees.

Such a culture is to be instilled in the corporations in order to develop high quality leadership which can withstand the storm of times. Effective leadership develops an environment where its employees can openly give in their input or even enforce their opinion if it is considered to be eighties and not mall-fide intent. In such culture the employee does not refrain from using their own sources for the development of outcome, once it is evident that their input shall be considered worthwhile in the organization.

One of the responsibilities that rest on the leaders shoulder is that they need to develop certain norms and culture, which is self-descriptive of the way the employees, customers, suppliers or the peers are to be treated in the organization for the pursuit of the goals. They set standards which would allow them to excel in the market in competing with their rivals. It is extremely important for the standards to be set early otherwise if the direction of the organization is not clear and does not manifest an objective it would rather deter the employees to work in proper cohesion and produce the results.

With due course of time practices of bureaucratic culture and undue favoritism provides impedance and there the responsibility of the leadership is to address the dark spots and come up with proper solution towards obtaining the goal. Leaders are brave enough to bring about drastic changes in the organization if see the forces of status quo are obstructing in the path of realization of Laos. They look out for better minds and talents irrespective of having experienced people working for them. In such case scenario they might face failure which could be temporary but in the long run it produce the goods the association.

Such courageous leaders take failure as a learning opportunity and accept it without plunging themselves into blockade. Intelligent leader endeavors to foster an environment which enables all the employees to work as a team. Such an environment enables lesser capable people to work at optimum level and hence increase the productivity of the organization. Such leadership believes in encouraging people to work with full confidence without worrying about making mistakes. Such scenarios they tend to work flawlessly and therefore it inculcates culture of evenness amongst the employees and brings a joyful working experience for its employees.

Leaders are competent and self-atoning enough to dislodge any pressure group which might turn out to be obstructing in the way of the organization’s interest. It takes pro-activeness and self-endurance to enlarge and widen the scope of view and hence take decisions in the interest of its organization thou bowing down to the pressure groups. For an organization to have long lasting effect and certain cohesion in the company provides extra bit of tilt towards the betterment of the organization and gives an extra edge to it relative to others.

In a company if the manager does early meetings and takes its employees into confidence and shares his views to its staff which they would not normally expect him to share would largely boost the level of confidence of the people and its affiliates and hence result and betterment of the corporate culture in the society and further improvements can be suggested by its people and rather pull up working and thinking capabilities of the crew working on a particular task and widen the horizon for its affiliates in the larger interest of the people.

There are two particular theories which have been helpful for individual in which to understand the situations and the proper response to them. Espoused theories are all about the behavioral expressions and explanations. Actually, espoused theory does justify how individuals believe or think they act or expect others to act in a specific situation. In the other side of the scale, we have the theories-in-use as they are belonged to leadership immunization and conflict resolution. As I have drawn my personal model previously, my plan is to improve my consistency of my espoused theories and my theories-in-use.

To be efficient and effective as a leader in an organization, the measurement of self-awareness is mandatory. The manifestation of self-awareness is about the individual qualities like motivations, personality, preferences and understanding people socially and intellectually. Strengths, weaknesses, limitations, values, thoughts and internal feelings, social orientation, skill and abilities are just few elements Of the self-awareness. Espoused theories comprises of all these elements to define the individual in this perspective.

It is absolutely comprehensible; there are no identical views on espoused theories for every situation happens for individuals. As the values, thoughts, internal feelings and ability of decision making is very much different person to person, it is plainly obvious there is no right and wrong concept in espoused theories. The espoused theory of a person might be different from everyone else’s, but it does not make it unavoidably incorrect. All the companies have set of strategies, missions and scions and supposedly they are being applied from top to the bottom.

It is vital for all the employers to embrace these core values in order the company to be successful. The interesting point about the core values of the companies is their influential power on individual’s espoused theories. Sometimes the value might be different from department to department, leader to leader and even person to person. To get a better picture of the very influence of companies on individuals, assuming there was an incident in a factory due to a faulty and old manufacturing device. The upper management would decide o override the safety concerns at all stages more seriously.

This would influence the entire system’s espoused theories to be reformed. Leading by an example is one the most essential styles of leadership. Because believe the employers would not like to do something that they themselves would not tend to do. Leaders are the examples of any small or large community. They are being look upon all the time; therefore their attitude would make the norms and principles of working. The prosperous leaders are capable of gaining consensus on a common cause, and consequently this will form an efficient community of shared values.

The gap between the espoused theories and theories-in-use could be involving losses for any company or organization. Hence, leadership would do its own part to fill up this gap as much as possible. My interpersonal theories-in-use would include of minimizing the talks and distractions while increasing the efficiency of communication. I have seen many people with different ideas Of leadership, but I would like to be firm when am chosen to be leading a community. I believe the simplest way to gain the trust of our followers is by giving the examples and keeping the promises. Indeed the words of leaders should be oaken into action.

This would eventually perpetuate the spirit of honesty, improving the theories-in-use of the followers or employers. In such positive atmosphere, all the employers would love to contribute to the values of the community or the organization. Leader are meant to be decision makers at critical times, and I as a leader would like to make my own based on the accurate information in which the situation has happened. Sometimes the decision may dispute my espoused theories, and that is because there are some other unfamiliar factors are often tangled and it has consequently made the false perception.

Emergent Leader Theories Emergent leadership is about emerging and maintaining a leadership position. It has been more than over half a century since the director of German military physiology, J. B. Rifest, originated “LAG (Leadership Group Discussion)” research tool. From that day forward, various phenomena, theories, and techniques of emergent leadership has been discovered, developed, and promoted. It was during the beginning of 20th century, when leadership theories focused on traits and skills that were inherent in leaders. The known quote of leaders are born and not made has started getting credited at such times.

Around 1 960, there were new developments that considered the followers’ impact and task on leadership effectiveness. These emerging styles, also called modern or current styles, include contingency models, situational and transformational leadership. 1. Predictability Although scholars had been able to isolate traits of effective leaders, there was a failure to prove that these traits influence followers in all situations. Considering how situations may affect the leaders’ behavior or their approach, there should be an examination to find out whether a leader s a test-motivated or relationship-motivated.

The advantage of test- motivated leaders is in their firm approach in structured situations, while the relationship-motivated ones are ought to be more flexible in non-structured situations. Creativity and group involvement in addition to participation to complete the task are required at non-structured situations. The advantage of Fielder’s theory is the capability of control on leadership effectiveness by matching the tasks and leader’s style. 2. Flexible and precise leadership adhering in its wider perspective sees situation and builds its case pending on the situation.

It requires influential leadership to persuade its staff to maneuver according to the wishes of its core committee of the leadership. It requires people to recognize and acknowledge the changes proposed shall in the longer run benefit the organization and its employees. Leadership needs to inculcate culture Of flexibility and tolerance towards its staff and hence provides sufficient working space and room to evolve as proper substantial workers. Flexible leadership can tailor to the needs of its staff and hence benefit the organization without poring excessive load on the Taft.

Its the responsibility of the management and leadership to instill such corporate culture among its employees. 3. Lasting Motivation with Better Rest Its This type of leadership can inspire its employees by tireless vigor and sense of urgency in their contingent and hence produce results of much wider and productive scale. Leadership can transform its organization into completely a relentless working unit by high inspiration and profound vision. In this way of leadership an organization can become a great working unit. Early leadership research did not consider how to continue motivation and roof results once the leader has been removed.

Transformational leadership, another modern theory developed by scholar, author and expert James MacGregor Burns, provides the advantage of exponential results with increased group commitment by using inspiration, vision, shared values, identity, respect and charisma to reach a goal. In transformational leadership, both the leader and follower are changed for the better by working together. In addition, work continues without the leader standing over a group member’s shoulder, and group members are inspired to reach higher levels of achievement. Leadership means he needs to know how to play the role for claiming his dreams.

Developing a leadership plan is necessary to clarify the benefits and challenges. Writing leadership plan is the next useful way for clearing our visions, set specifics goals and planning for all our actions in particular time. Step 1: Individual preparation/self-assessment: Firstly, he needs to know his skills while improving his weakness points, developing his relation with different individuals, enhance his communications abilities then provide the feedback and exercise how to judge. He needs to be himself and moves step by step confidential, emotional ND interpersonal competencies at the right moments.

After he creates the vision he is able to let go of past to create future Step 2: Articulate vision: He needs to know the overall vision for upcoming months or years. This step is really effective on other steps. Step 3: Got Goals: Being his vision happen, he defines some goals. Setting goals show the direction that he needs to increase his confidences throughout the way to achieve his dreams. The effective goals are specific, measurable, acceptable, Realistic and Timeshare. He needs to distinguish the long and short term goals.

Step 4: Action plan your way to success: Writing down the goals and plan with the specific actions would be a smart way. Force himself to be motivated and challenging everyone to the maximum. Setting a plan will help to create the expected future. The table is shown at next page: Capability I Goals(What) I Actions(How) Time Frame(When) I Advantages And Disadvantages(Why) I Self-learner To learn Autocrat I Autocrat learning book 2 months I *Could be able to contribute more in the career Step 5: Communicate your plan: He needs to discuss and share about his plans with someone who has experiences or could give him some useful feedbacks.

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