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Included are staff hiring supervision, evaluation, and termination; working with boards and volunteers, leadership styles, strategic planning, and current best practices in administration. Each week, students will engage in a variety of Executive Leadership Practice learning processes, contribute to activities, and develop products designed to demonstrate course competencies. These increasingly complex levels of cognitive development include: remembering; understanding applying; analyzing; evaluating; and, creating.

In addition to the cognitive (knowledge based) domain, our discovery processes also encompass the affective (attitudinal based) domain and psychometric (skills based) domain. (See Anderson & Coachwork’s (2001 ) revision of Bloom’s Taxonomy of educational objectives, as cited by Mary Forehand (2005) Bloom’s taxonomy: Original and revised. In M. Ore (De. ). Emerging perspectives on learning, teaching and technology. Retrieved January 9, 201 0, from http:// projects. Owe. GA. Dude/petit/index. PH? Tie=Bloom’assaxonomy). Learners will engage in: identifying core concepts from the readings; constructing meaning by interpreting trigger questions; implementing procedures In skill building exercises; analyzing organizational dynamics; critiquing leadership case studies based on criteria and standards; and, generating new products rounded in transformational leadership principles.

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Each individual should be prepared to fulfill leadership roles in simulations, role plays, demonstrations, and critical issue discussions related to the weekly topics, readings, and assignments. Learners will need to identify an agency, preferably the practicum organization, as the focal system for their assignments. If not in practicum, a current human services employment or a current volunteer social service agency may be used, pending approval. Learners will need to access selectively agency documents and resource persons for their activities ndNDssignments.

To promote critical thinking, each topic, activity, and assignment infuses social work professional values and ethics, challenges, and strategies to promote accountability. Similarly, we will move beyond a general discussion of diversity issues to create specific opportunities to strengthen our cultural competence as mission-driven, consumer-centered social work leaders. Each topic, activity, and assignment promotes critical thinking and opportunities to synthesize culturally competent knowledge, skills, and attitudes in Executive Leadership Practice.

Our examination of eaadheringheoretical and practice models will incorporate selected exemplars on Sexual Orientation, Age, Mental and Physical Abilities, Gender, Ethnicity, Class, Culture, Spiritual/Religious Beliefs, Language, Region, and other key dimensions of diversity. Through active participation in the learning experiences and completion of the readings, assignments, and learning projects offered throughout this seminar, students are expected to demonstrate at least beginning level competencies in the following: Course Objectives and Competencies 5661-001.

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