Language Related Task Assignment

Language Related Task Assignment Words: 249

Accessing reference materials and referencing information they have learned about language to an appropriate source. . Using written language that is clear, accurate and appropriate to the task. Reference: CELT Syllabus and Assessment Guidelines What are we looking for? An assignment that shows an ability to: You 2 3 4 Overall a. Clarify the meaning of underlined target language appropriately for level b. Clarify a range of pronunciation features of the target language c. Clarify the written form of the target language, using appropriate terminology d.

Identify potential problems with meaning, pronunciation and form e. Provide a clear and appropriate context to help convey the meaning . Check the students’ understanding of the target language appropriately g. Use reference books to analyses language and acknowledge these sources Also the assignment Is complete, i. E. Answers all sections, and adheres to the word limit. Uses language which is clear and coherent, and essentially free of mistakes in spelling punctuation and grammar. Is presented clearly.

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Overall Comments: Tutor’s signature: Date: 1 . GRAMMAR Date: Double marked by: Target statement: I’m meeting Dave for lunch on Sunday Analysis d) Anticipated problems a) Meaning Elementary) To say what will be happening in the future, something you have already decided and arranged to do This is present continuous tense (l am doing) for the future Students might think this is referring to the present only, and not the present for the future b) Pronunciation stress would normally fall on meet i. E.

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