Lalala Assignment

Lalala Assignment Words: 438

This assignment is to be done in groups of three. Members of the group are expected to work on it Jointly and are equally responsible for the end-product. The assignment is to be handed in on Monday, September 2nd. Remember to hand in a copy of the instructions together with the assignment, to number the lines of the texts you use and refer to lines for ease of reference when you provide examples.

Also remember to send an electronic copy of the text to Mrs Hlavacka or Mrs Montorsi for our records nd sample of texts (with indication of source) Tasks Choose a text or a text excerpt comparable to the ones we have analyzed in class in length and difficulty and complete the following tasks: (i) Identify and label 15 processes covering all the different basic types and a wide range of different subtypes, and also the associated participants.

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When labeling the process, indicate, if it applies, the subtype of process involved. Try to choose 15 processes in the same fragment or section of the text or across contiguous sections. This will facilitate the establishment of patterns afterwards; (30) (it) Identify and label ALL the circumstances accompanying the processes you have selected for analysis (at least 10 different ones). When labeling the Circumstances, indicate, when it applies, the subtype of Circumstance involved.

If there aren’t enough circumstances accompanying the processes selected, then analyse circumstances elsewhere in the text or look for a second text to analyse circumstances (20) (iii) Choose six processes of different kinds and say what probes could be applied or hat probes you effectively applied to decide what kind of process is involved (do substitution, projection, etc. ). Apply all the necessary probes for each process (15) (iv) Choose six different circumstances and say what probe you could apply or you effectively applied to decide what kind of circumstance it is. 10) (v) Say (i) what types of elements you have not analyzed for transitivity, explain why and provide illustration and (it) for complex V6s, which verb determines the process and why (5) (VI) After identifying and labeling all the processes, participants and circumstances, ee if you find any patterns that span the whole text or different patterns along the text and comment on what they show about the text (e. g. ext-type involved, stages in the text and their functions, author’s viewpoints/concerns/values, etc. ). Comment on examples. (20) You can record your analysis in a chart like the following. If you want you can use different columns for additional participants and for circumstances and extra columns for elements not analyzed for transitivity: Participant 1 Process: type & subtype Participant 2 Other participants/ Circumstances

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