Comparative Commentary of Two Texts Describing the Problem of the Global Warming Assignment

Comparative Commentary of Two Texts Describing the Problem of the Global Warming Assignment Words: 674

Climatic change has been the most discussed theme during the past 5 years. Actually, it has started a long time before we managed to discover it, and especially now it is a very discussed issue. Sometimes it is terrifying to read what may happen, if the climatic change is going to continue, but I think that we should just take it for granted, unless we change our attitude towards the problem of global warming. The two texts, which I am going to analyze, are telling right about the attitude of people towards the Global warming.

The text 2(a) is an advertisement of living “green”, which tells that we, people, have got into the war against pollution without intention and without realizing it. This text even has the motto “People start pollution. People can stop it. ” Text 2(b) is an article from an editorial in the magazine The Economist. This text, on the other hand, tells about the consequences that might occur if people will not start the battle against this problem. Text 2(a) audience could be clever, understanding 17-18 year old people.

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Clever enough to know, what is the Global warming and also to realize that if we do not change anything, it can lead to serious consequences. “Understanding”, because only such people can get the seriousness of the situation. Text 2(b), in comparison, is meant for people, who either do not know what is the Global warming or are not informed about it as well as the audience of Text 2(a). The purpose of Text 2(b) is to inform the reader about the problem and explain why it is happening.

The purpose of text 2(a), on the contrary, is to persuade the reader that this “war” is really serious. Text 2(a) ‘confidently’ states, that every person can do something against pollution. By using short, abrupt sentences and quite simple, concrete and precise language, the writer makes the text easy to be read. It is very important for the reader, because the advertisements have to be pithy, otherwise the reader will not even think about reading them.

Text 2(a) is divided into two columns; in columns there is a couple of paragraphs, where there are only one or two short sentences. Also, such sentences like: “It’s people, who make decisions and do things that foul up our water, land and air”, “People start pollution”, “People can stop it [pollution]” make people believe that they are powerful; those sentences create an elevated atmosphere, which enhance the sense of mightiness. The author himself is emotionally involved, optimistic, though also biased.

There are not any otiose words, the advertisement is short (considering the amount of information there) and concise, which are most important qualities of the advertisements. Overall, the tone of the Text 2(a) is elevated, enthusiastic and stately. In contrast, the structure of text 2(b) is coherent, logical, with normal-length sentences. Still, there is something similar in both the texts ??? the authors do not use many adjectives, which is, actually, just logical ??? both the texts must have been taken from the magazine [I am not sure about the Text 2(a)].

Text 2(b) is divided into four paragraphs, hereto every paragraph has its theses statement, therefore, it can be deduced, that it is an article, written in the form of the essay. An author uses Standard English language, it is neither formal, nor informal, it is concrete and light, although the author sounds very dramatic, emotional and angry at people and the Greens, but nevertheless, Text 2(b) is nice to read, as well as Text 2(a).

In conclusion I will write whether there were more similarities or differences between the both texts. So, they were different types of texts, aimed at different audiences and, therefore, had different purposes. Moreover, both the texts had absolutely different tone and structure. Notwithstanding, the texts have also a couple of similarities ??? the topic and the language. So, I think I have proved that the texts are truly different.

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