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Knowledge (cognitive skill) Skill (learned) Ability (competence) Answer the income calls to entire office by a multi-line phone in order to take accurate messages and transfers telephone calls to the appropriate person in an efficient manner. Various departments within the company The information about the employees Phone etiquette High attention to detail writing Make right direction Write down the correct information Understand and respond positively to customers’ requests. 2

Meet visitors and customers to Office Manager by greeting in a professional, friendly manner and making the welcome meeting in order to make a good impression and develop business The company information Customer service principles and practices; Verbal communication Interpersonal relationship Public relations Set up good image of the company Insure customers receive good information Interact effectively with visitors and customers 3 Schedule the appointments and interviews to entire office by checking the calendar and making the schedule list to insure the time and let arrangements proceed in an orderly way The office calendar Planning Scheduling Phone interaction Insure the appointments and interviews are punctual Manage time effectively required. 4 Receive packages and letters to entire office by viewing the name and address and signing for them to insure deliver to the appropriate person promptly. Employees’ basic information Personnel department Organization Inspection Receive the right packages Complete the accurate distribution tasks 5 Organize the documents and records to entire office by computer and filing in forms n order to track and preserve the important information. Corporate records Organization filling system Computer Microsoft Word and Excel Labeling 100% accuracy Search the data effectively 6 Prepare required materials and reports to entire office for conference by connecting the Office Manager to make sure the purchase orders so that they could make the conference go on as planned. Budget Company reports Negotiating Computer hardware and software Provide necessary materials for conference Multi-task and manage details 7

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Assist with various clerical duties and other administrative tasks to entire office as needed by typing, coping in the computer and operating the printer in order to improve the quality and efficiency of the tasks. Administrative and clerical procedures Documents Computer literacy Typing a minimum of 40-50 words per minute Written communication Format Complete assignment and solve problem Manage multiple tasks and work under pressure. 8 Monitor office equipments and supplies to entire office by stocking them in a safe place and inventory control in order to maintain the security awareness and stubbier to appropriate personnel. Security arrangement financial Analyzing situations Observation Organization Take effective action to deal with the supplies Perform responsibilities to make sure the equipments in good condition 9 Direct incoming and outgoing documents as well as mails to entire office by facsimile machine and outlook in computer in order to provide information and communicate with other companies and customers. Company files Business Social media Outlook Email communication Operating facsimile machine Work independently with self motivated Send information on time ASK Statements Knowledge of various departments within the company and the information about the employees; Skills in phone etiquette and high attention to detail writing; Abilities to make right direction, write down the correct information and understand and respond positively to customers’ requests. Knowledge of the company information and customer service principles and practices; Skills in verbal communication, interpersonal relationship and public relations; Abilities to set up good image of the company, insure customers receive DOD information, interact effectively with visitors and customers . 3 Knowledge of the office calendar; Skills in planning, scheduling and phone interaction; Abilities to insure the appointments and interviews are punctual, manage time effectively required. 4 Knowledge of employees’ basic information and personnel department; Skills in organization and inspection ; Abilities to receive the right packages and complete the accurate distribution tasks. 5 Knowledge of corporate records and organization filling system; Skills in computer , Microsoft Word and Excel, labeling; Abilities to fill with 100% accuracy and search the

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