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Ensure highest level of communication, Co-ordination and Co-operation with all departments. Coo’s Duties include, I but are not limited to: I Responsibilities: I Develop a strategic plan to advance the company’s mission and objectives and to promote revenue, profitability, and growth as an organization. Lovers company operations to ensure efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources. Plan, develop, and implement strategies for generating resources and/or revenues for the company.

I Littleton acquisition and merger opportunities and direct implementation activities. I Approve company operational procedures, policies, and standards. I Review activity reports and financial statements to determine progress and tutus in attaining objectives and revise objectives and plans in accordance with I lecturer conditions. I Evaluate performance of executives for compliance with established policies and objectives of the company and contributions in attaining objectives.

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I Promote the company through written articles and personal appearances at conferences and in media. Represent the company at legislative sessions, committee meetings, and at formal functions. I I Promote the company to local, regional, national, and international constituencies. I Present company report at Annual Stockholder and Board of Director meetings. I Advises the Board I Advocates / promotes organization and stakeholder change related to organization mission company planning and policy-making committees.

I Direct I Supports motivation of employees in organization products/programs and operations Board have sufficient and up-to-date information I Looks to the future for change opportunities I Interfaces between Board and employee I I Ensures staff and Interfaces between organization and community Formulates policies and planning recommendations to the Board Decides or guides courses of action in operations by staff Oversee operations of organization

Manages financial and physical resources Oversees design, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of programs, products and services I Recommends yearly budget for Board approval and prudently manages organization’s resources within those budget guidelines according to current laws and regulations I Effectively manages the human resources of the organization according to authorized personnel policies and procedures that fully conform to current laws and I regulations I Assures the organization and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented in strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders

Other duties as assigned. Dobb Location Retail Food & Beverages Iambi, India I Job Role I Employment Status I Industry I Full Time Management I Department Salary Range Yes Skills: I Operations & Administration I Monthly 75,000 to Number of Vacancies Manages Others I Excellent interpersonal skills, High level of written and oral communication I Business focused I Financially aware with high level negotiation skills I Visionary strategist with the ability to lead I Ability to develop and maintain networks Viable to lead and motivate staff I Knowledge of all aspects of Hospitality sectors including legal, Labor, Food

Safety, Media and Financial Management Qualification I Graduate IAMB / Hotel Management Other to: Name Address I Education I Other Qualification I Experience 15 + years I I Please send Application I Email Phone / Mobile Job Title: CHIEF FINANCE OFFICER I Job Description: The Chief Financial Officer (SCOFF) provides both operational and programmatic support to the organization. The SCOFF supervises the finance unit and is the chief financial spokesperson for the organization. The SCOFF reports directly to the Chairman/Managing director.

Directly assists the Chief I Executive Officer CEO) on all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs and the securing I loft new funding. Ensure highest level of communication, Co-ordination and Co- operation with all departments. Coffs Duties include, but are not limited to: I Assist in performing all tasks necessary to achieve the organization’s mission and help execute staff succession and growth plans.

I Train the Finance Unit and other staff on raising awareness and knowledge of financial management matters. I Rework with the CEO on the strategic vision including fostering and cultivating stakeholder legislations on city, state, and national levels, as well as I assisting in the development and negotiation of contracts. I Participate in developing new business, specifically: assist the CEO in identifying new funding opportunities, the drafting of prospective I budgets, and determining cost effectiveness of programmatic prospective service delivery.

Assess the benefits of all prospective contracts and advise the Executive Team on programmatic design and implementation matters. Ensure adequate controls are installed and that substantiating documentation is approved and available such that all purchases may pass independent and I Governmental audits. I Provide the CEO with an operating budget. Work with the CEO to ensure programmatic success through cost analysis support, and compliance with all contractual land programmatic requirements.

This includes: 1) interpreting legislative and programmatic rules and regulations to ensure compliance with all Municipal, I I state, local and contractual guidelines, 2) ensuring that all government regulations and requirements are disseminated to appropriate personnel, and 3) monitoring compliance. Oversee the management and coordination of all fiscal reporting activities or the organization including: organizational revenue/expense and balance sheet I Reports, reports to funding agencies, development and monitoring of organizational and contract/grant budgets.

Oversee all purchasing and payroll activity for staff and participants. I Develop and maintain systems of internal controls to safeguard financial assets of the organization. Oversee the coordination and activities of independent I auditors ensuring all audit issues are resolved. I Attend Board and Subcommittee meetings; including being the lead staff on the Audit/Finance Committee. Banking activities of the organization. I Monitor I Ensure adequate cash flow to meet the organization’s needs. I Serve as one of the trustees and oversee administration and financial reporting of the organization’s Savings and Retirement Plan.

Investigate cost-effective benefit plans and other fringe benefits which the organization may offer employees and potential employees with the goal of I attracting and retaining qualified individuals. I Oversee the production of monthly reports including reconciliations, as well as financial statements and cash flow projections for use by Executive management, as well as the Audit/Finance Committee and Board of Directors. I I Assist in the design, implementation, and timely calculations of wage incentives, commissions, and salaries for the staff.

I I Oversee Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable and ensure a disaster recovery plan is in place. I I Oversee business insurance plans and health care coverage analysis. Oversee the maintenance of the inventory of all fixed assets Dobb action Skills: I I Job Role I Finance & Administration 50,000 to 75,000 Monthly I Manages Others I Single I Excellent interpersonal skills, High level of written and oral communication, conversant in MS Office, Tally, MIS soused with strategic planning and execution I Business I Analyze financial data to make financial reports and forecasts.

I Required knowledge about finance, accounting, budgeting, and cost control tactics. I I Required awareness Of State financial regulations and procedures related to Hospitality Company functioning I Financially aware with high level negotiation skills, Visionary’ strategist with the ability to lead I Able to lead and motivate staff I Education Qualification Masters Degree Finance I Other I Taxation I Please send Application to: I Name I Address August 2013 Bibb Title: ACCOUNTS MANAGER I SCOFF I Date: I Dobb Description: Overseeing the Financial procedures of the company.

Uses professional accounting concepts and internal company policies to solve complex I I accounting issues including the maintenance of internal controls. Participates in and implements monthly financial close, supervises the assignments of the I lastly accountants to include general ledger, accounts payable and fixed assets. Prepares monthly management financial reporting package and executive I summary schedules. Coordinates and facilitates the process of documenting accounting policies and procedures.

Ensure highest level of immunization, I ‘Co-ordination and Co-operation with all departments. Accounts Manager duties include, but are not limited to: I Take responsibility for overall management and delivery of the business plan. I Develop systems and procedures to ensure the efficient and effective management of the company’s finances and compliance with statutory requirements. Direct and control Finance staff to ensure that they are appropriately motivated and trained and carry out their responsibilities to the required standards.

I Arrangement of Capital towards Company Fund through Board of Directors Resolution I Produce accurate and timely financial information about the company’s financial status and performance to enable decisions to be taken relating to the company’s financial strength and security. I Produce all necessary statements and reports to enable the accurate measurement of cash flow, profit and loss, stock and debtors etc. I Maintain day-to-day financial control of the service within budget heads agreed by the board.

I Ensure that all finances are properly administered and monitored, including credit control. I Make regular reports to the Management on income, expenditure and any variations from budgets. I Maintain an wariness of organizational and technological developments and ensure that the service operates in ways which make best possible use of the resources available. I Develop and monitor all necessary controls to ensure that the company complies with statutory requirements. I I Act as the main point of contact with external auditors and provide them all statutory information.

I I Carry out any necessary internal audit reviews and monitor the financial effectiveness systems and controls. I I Recommend any changes necessary to improve the company’s financial performance and financial controls. I Keep up to date with any placements in financial management which might affect how the company’s finances are managed or its statutory obligations. I Cacti as the company’s main source of expertise on financial control issues. I Advise the Board on financial, managerial, staffing and service delivery issues.

I Report to the board on progress against agreed objectives. Littleton development opportunities consistent with the aims of the organization and the operating environment. Undertake such other duties and tasks as may lie within the scope of this post to ensure the effective delivery and development of the service. I Iambi, India I Mind gusty I Senior Executive Employment Status 30,000 to 35,000 I Excellent interpersonal skills, High level Of written and oral communication, Conversant in MS Office, Tally, MIS I I Business control.

I I Required awareness of state financial regulations and procedures related to Hospitality Company functioning I I Able to lead and motivate staff BAA/BBS Accounting I Finance Management / CPA I I Experience I please send Application to: Name Bibb Title: INTERNAL AUDITOR I Accounts Manager / SCOFF Dobb Description: The auditor is responsible for the timely execution of risk-based internal audits in accordance with the annual audit plan, as well as I assisting with other audit matters and projects.

Ensure highest level of communication, Co- ordination and Co-operation with all departments. Internal Auditor I Duties include, but are not limited to: Conducts audits for management to assess effectiveness of controls, accuracy of financial records, and efficiency of operations based on set standards I Examines records of departments and interviews workers to ensure recording of transactions and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Inspects accounting systems to determine their efficiency and protective value.

Reviews records pertaining to material assets, such as equipment and buildings, and staff to determine degree to which they are utilized. I Analyzes data obtained for evidence of deficiencies in controls, duplication of effort, extravagance, fraud, or lack of compliance with laws, government I regulations, and management policies or procedures. I Prepares reports of findings and recommendations for management. I May conduct special studies for management, such as those required to discover mechanics of detected fraud and to develop controls for fraud

May audit employer business records for governmental prevention. Agency to determine insurance premiums, liabilities, and employer compliance with state tax laws. Conduct risk assessment of assigned department or functional area in established/required timeline I Establish risk-based audit programs I Determine scope of review in conjunction with the Audit Manager I Review the suitability of internal control design I Conduct audit testing of specified area and identify reportable issues and dimension Of risk compliance with policies and procedures.

I I Determine I Verbally communicate findings to senior management and draft impressive and complete report of audit area. 1 Bibb Role I Junior Finance & Administration 15,000 to 18,000 I Multiple I Ability to communicate effectively with Guests, Team Members and Management in both written and verbal form. Knowledge of accounting and auditing principles/standards, and familiarity with various computer systems and applications. I Must possess highly developed analytical skills and the ability to think creatively about ways to analyze restaurant and retail operations. Retreat attention to detail. Accounting Graduate 13 + years Auditing Courses I I Have Please send Application to: Job Title: Food & Beverage Controller I Area Manager / Operations Manager I Job Description: Food and beverage controllers are responsible for computing profits or losses on food and beverage items daily after confirming the amount land cost of items purchased and sold. They then record this information to help maintain a suitable inventory of food and beverage items for the company.

I I These individuals must have a thorough knowledge of their establishment’s products and business goals. In addition, they might help price menus or change Ethel I prices of certain items based on the information they collect. They also recommend solutions if food or drink shortages OCCUr. Ensure highest level of I Communication, Co-ordination and Co-operation with all departments. F Controller duties include, but are not limited to: TIT ensure that every queue handed in to a supply department is accounted for in cash-paid bills or debited to the customer’s account.

TIT ensure accurate bill summaries, in that cash bills total and credit bills prove to debits on customers accounts. That each bill has been correctly analyses. I I Tonsure TIT ensure cash returns from each department tally with cash amounts on audit rolls. I TIT ensure a continuous audit and accumulation of data for the production of daily reports. I TIT ensure that official orders have been issued for all purchases and goods received. TIT ensure that stock records systems are accurate and up-to-date. I To audit requisitions and issues of all outlets and highlight any inaccuracies.

I TIT ensure that all receivable costs for kitchen are processed speedily and held ready for rapid percentage computation. Input is effected daily. I I To ensure that all computer TIT ensure regular assets stockades are carried out. I To assist with the checking of overhead costs to ensure that all departments are aware of costs, particularly when there have been deviations from the I I acceptable norm. TIT provide closing stock figures and physically assist with stocktaking at stipulated intervals. I I To submit reports and identify possible reasons when results differ from anticipated targets.

TIT compile revenue reports showing when controls are effective or highlighting discrepancies and recommend appropriate corrective action. I To compile control reports for bars and kitchens showing percentage profits. I TIT compile institution reports of metered fuels, showing units consumed and penances. I I To compile stock check reports, with a breakdown of items checked and give comments where variances occur. Labor cost standards. I TIT compile a summary of TIT ensure that all information is passed freely to Heads of Department so they can take appropriate action in the event of adverse results.

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