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Responsible for the operations of company stores in various branches included in their assignment area to ensure theses branches meet sales estimates or projected revenues and to complete reports related to activity within their designated area. Major Duties and Responsibilities 1. Assesses if the stores have met company standards and expectations. 2. Trains staff, recommends staff changes, and conducts staffing meetings. Motivates, plans, organizes, and coordinates entire operation of designated branches. 4. Implements corrective measures. 5. Recruits and terminates store employees and managers. 6. Intervenes in staff level disputes, settles them, and reports personal issues and matters to recruiting staff. 7. Applies innovated approaches and new techniques in supervising stores in their areas in order to keep update with competition. 8. Recommends new adaptations in supervision and modification to company policies. 9.

Picks up vital information from customers for corporate management. 10. Conducts staff assessments and adjusts employee’s salaries. 1 1. Visits branches to inspect and interview individual store management. 12. Conducts meetings and recommends changes regarding store activities and procedures. 13. Assists with state- related laws and regulations. 14. Supports new product distribution and other related duties as assigned. Minimum Requirements Experience: 1. Five years of managerial 2. Advanced computer skills 3.

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Strong attention to detail, proficient analytical skills, organizational skills, ND teamwork skills 4. Excellent proven leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and ability to analyze financial reports 5. Strong customer service orientation with proven excellent communication skills.

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