Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm, The Philippians Assignment

Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm, The Philippians Assignment Words: 750

We chose to write our paper and give our presentation on the Juvenile Justice Services of Utah. We chose this topic first and foremost because this is the direction and area in which we both have chosen to pursue in our future employment and something that we both feel passionate about. Going beyond that, we both have made choices as a youth that led us to this path. Our paper will outline the objectives of JUS, who qualifies and what requirements they must meet, how the program works, and the desired outcome of the completion of the program.

We will also discuss tracking measures, funding, and overall static of the program, and treatment options that are available to those who qualify. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow; all who succeed no matter the road they take to achieve their goals will influence the outcome of the future. Juvenile Justice Services of Utah JOSS) is a federally mandated program that is specific to the rehabilitation and rectification of trouble youth in the community. The history of JUS starts on July 1, 2004, the Division of Youth Corrections became the Division of Juvenile Justice Services JOSS).

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This change more accurately describes the breadth of services the Division provides. IIS staff work with youth to divert them from entering the Juvenile Justice system through Youth Services programs; with serious youthful offenders who have been court ordered to secure confinement; and with a variety of youth who fall between these two categories. The Division’s responsibilities have grown substantially over the years. Since its creation in 1981, JUS has added Detention, Receiving Centers, Day- Night Reporting Centers, Multi-use Facilities and Youth Services. AS. Utah. Org) JUS main offices are located at 195 North 1950 West Salt Lake City, UT 84116 however, each individual program has its own location that we will identify under that sub-section. IIS offers a wide variety of services that covers many avenues of assisting and providing care for trouble youth such as Youth Services, Detention, Observation and Assessment, Community Programs, Secure Facilities, Work Camps, Receiving Centers, Diversion and Case Management and Parole.

For the Sake of this paper we will only focus on Youth Services and Secured Facilities because we feel that these two areas lariat our overall perspective on JUS and what we feel is pert ant information to our goal for this assignment. JUS has a clear mission statement as to what they strive to accomplish within the bounds of providing services to the youth in Utah; To provide comprehensive services for at risk youth within the framework of the Balanced and Restorative Justice Model.

Community Protection, Accountability, and Competency Development are integrated goals and philosophical foundations of the model. As well as a Balanced Approach or Philosophy; the Balanced & Restorative Justice Model s a philosophy of correctional care that emphasizes three equally important principles. It covers the three main areas of Accountability: When a crime occurs, a debt is incurred. Youth must be held accountable for their actions and to restore the victim’s losses.

JUS will be held accountable for the efficacy of services provided to youth. Competency development: Offenders should leave the system more capable of Isaiah Prison and Penal Farm, The Philippians By swimmers protection: The public has a right to a safe and secure community. Youth also have he right to be safe while in the custody of the Division of Juvenile Justice Services. Each area that we will discuss will also include its own vision and mission statement, clarifying the individuality and how it pertains to that specific program.

JUS Provides a continuum of intervention, supervision, and rehabilitation programs to youth offenders while assuring public safety. JUS serves two types of youth offenders: Status Offenders who are Juveniles, ages 8 to 18, who commit acts that are illegal only due to their age which may include: running away from home, continually skipping, school, sing tobacco and alcohol, violating curfew, acting beyond the control of their parents.

As well as Delinquent Youth who are Juveniles, ages 10 to 18, who commit misdemeanors or felony acts. Finally their vision for what they plan and hope to accomplish by servicing citizens in their community; The Division of Juvenile Justice Services will provide to the youth we serve the best opportunity to realize their potential and improve their overall competence, which will allow them to be law- abiding and productive citizens.

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