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The essay discusses the context of ethics in a church environment. The ethnographic study took place at a Polish church in Isabella and the analysis of this church organization will be covered in this essay. It will touch the context of ethics in different environments and there will be recommendations on the given organization as well. The observations took place at a Catholic church in Isabella on a Sunday mass. The interior design of the church is very old fashion, stained glass windows give the church a cozy atmosphere.

It does not have a big hall but big sculptures and pictures re surrounding are the church. People look very well-dressed and in their best manners. Just before the mass begins, people come to the front part. When the ceremony starts, one of the priests starts walking around people and he collects money. He does it in such a way that he makes sure he gives a short pause in front of every single person. The priest talks about donations for the local church community and that people can do it in many ways. He talks about helping the poor and the kids.

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After the mass, people still stay around the church and chat with each other. It looks like a social gathering. This part of the observations were quite interesting. People seem to have really good time talking with each other in their nice outfits. It may even seem for some people like a show-off platform. For some people, it looks like they came to the church Just for this very part, and they weren’t really interested in the mass in the church. The study shows that, the church has a big impact on the society not only for religious means but also for social means.

On the chapter 14 of the book Introducing Organizational Behavior and Management, ethics at work is the main subject and the book tells you about the general theories regarding ethics and how ethics is affecting business environments. “Business ethics” term was first used in asses and later it grew to “corporate social responsibility”. CARS activities of companies are proving that those organizations’ focus is not only to make profit but also to support societies in many different ways. Ethics” term was first used in asses and later came in in a new form which is “corporate social responsibility”.

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a widely poker topic in the recent years. Why? CARS activities of companies are proving that those organizations’ focus is not only to make profit but also to support societies in many different ways. When we talk about business ethics, it is often discussed if companies can make profit and be ethical at the same time. One of the main assumptions in business ethics is to analyze this question and states that it is possible for companies to be ethical and profitable at the same time. But what we see in reality is probably not quite this picture.

Companies care about their profits Ethnographic Study Assignment By balkanized concerns are beyond anything else. We can probably discuss that with today’s technology and the extent of globalization, ethical concerns have lost a lot of power. Companies simply became too powerful and since their main goal is to make profit, companies do not care much about behaving ethically. Decisions relating to ethical concerns are simply seen too expensive and that is why unnecessary to take. Because of this issue, there has been new implementations from different legal institutions awards companies to regulate their CARS activities.

One of the main concepts of business ethics is utilitarianism. This concept was developed by David Hum, Jeremy Beneath and John Stuart Mill. Ethical value is supposed to “lead to the greatest good for the greatest number of people and Judged to be moral” (Knights and Wolcott 2007, p. 514). When we talk about the decisions that are taken by organizations, we should understand that the effects of those decisions will not only be in the internal environment of the organization but also the outside of it.

Sometimes those decisions would be good for the people internally however having a bad effect for the outsiders or vice versa. The question here is which one is the majority? Or a better question would be, what is the right thing/the ethical thing to do? We mostly know then answer but still go for the answer which will be in our interest only. So those effects can be diverse on both parties. Another point to cover would be the chapter of “Business Ethics and Religion” in the book “A Companion to Business Ethics”.

Here the book discusses the effects of religions on the ethics in business. In the early ages, religions had more tangible effects over business but this power seems gradually fading away. Why? I think in the new dynamics on the system of the world and how it is running, technology and globalization is playing such a crucial role and having an immense effect. Religions today are more focusing on social Justice instead of business ethics. The church for example is not anymore at a state where it can affect the decisions of corporate in an effective way.

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