It Is Sometimes Good to Lie Assignment

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First of all, a good occasion to lie is when you do not want to hurt other people’s feeling. If you know that the true is going to hurt someone, it is better to lie. For example, when I do not like my friend’s new hairstyle I just tell her that it looks nice even if I do not like it. When you do not want to be disrespectful with someone about an opinion you just try to agree with the other person even if you do not agree. To specific, if you think that an older person opinion is old-fashioned you just show that you agree with that person’s opinion but you really know that those are old ideas.

Moreover, if someone asks you for an opinion and you know that the other person expects a positive comment you do not have another alternative to lie. As an illustration, when my sister buys something that she likes but I do not, I just tell her that I like that too. Second, when you lie you can avoid responsibility. Therefore, you can make up excuses of something bad you did. For instance, when I did not take care of something I had borrowed, I shift the blame to someone else for do not take responsibility for the damage.

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Also we lie when we do not want to accept our mistake. For example, when the police stops my uncle for exceeding the speed limit, he always lies for do not get a ticket. In addition, it is good to lie when you forgot something you had promised to do. To be specific, when I promise my mom that I am going to clean my room, at the end I always lie and say that I did not have enough time to do it. The most important cause is that lying can save us of a lot of problems. When you make a serious mistake at work the best option is to lie.

For example, if you could not finished a project for the office, it is better to invent a very good excuse if you do not want to lose your job. It is good to lie when you forget to do an important assignment for school. To be specific, when I forget to do my homework, I lie saying that I forgot it in my house. Lying can help us when we are late for an appointment. For example, when my father is late for an appointment, he shifts the blame to the traffic for that his boss does not get angry with him.

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