Intelligence vs. Wisdom Assignment

Intelligence vs. Wisdom Assignment Words: 293

Kristina Stockton Psy220 Intelligence versus Wisdom 1. The situation that I chose for this assignment was, Martha Stewart being arrested for lying about a stock sale. “Stewart, 63, was convicted in March of lying to investigators about why she sold ImClone stock in December 2001, just before the stock price plunged” (NBC News, 2004). Martha is a very intelligent, business woman, but she made a bad decision. 2. Emotional perception and expression- Martha Stewart did not express much upset when it came to her being sentenced with jail time.

Emotional facilitation of thought- when Martha Stewart decided to lie about her stocks and sold them when she got a hint that the market was going to go upside down, she wasn’t thinking about anyone else but her and her money. Emotional understanding- She was always a happy person and went right back into her business. Emotional management- Martha’s sentence did not seem to hurt her, but did upset many others because she was able to design her room and clothing, which no one else really get to do. 3.

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Martha Stewart may not have been smart to take the hint from her source and sale her stock, but I think a lot of people would have done the same thing. In the end, she saved herself money in the stock market, but lost almost a year’s worth of income. 4. I definitely think that Martha was lacking superior judgment, because she apparently did not think about the consequences she could face if she got caught. She also lacked on accurate perspective, because she thought about what could have happened to her money in the stock market, instead of what would happen to her career and her life if she was caught lying about selling her stocks.

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