Issues in Church and Sacraments Assignment

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Summary Issues in church and sacraments are practical atheism, deeply upright, deeply crooked, putting our faith to work and catholic devotions. Practical Atheism Is one who does not believe In God. It came from the Greek word “ethos” which means “without God” late Pope Paul VI labeled this as an Insidious wolf In sheep’s clothing because It hides under a mantle of religious faith but worships wealth, power and the self. Atheism is out and opens, while practical atheism hides the religiosity of people.

Most people may appear religious like the practical atheism but the truth is hey don’t focus mainly on God but on instead they just focus on themselves since they Just need a God who they can manage and hear their prayers cause the truth is they’re not interested in a God who will teach them about truth and Justice. This disrespectful for God is not that obvious in the sense that practical atheist only uses God for their self-interest focusing only for one’s self. Idolatry is worshipping an idol; a false image of God Is an idol.

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Idolatry is worshipping something that projects to one’s self Like In times of solving a problem or granting wishes. We control God even though based on the scripture that we are created In the Image and likeness of God but the saddest part Is that we are the one who Is re-creating God In our Image. Practical Atheism Is preoccupied with money, obsessed with wealth and material success. Self-centeredness, self-garnishment, distorted priorities and corruption as a way of life in a nation of fervent church-goers are the signs of practical atheism. Deeply upright, Deeply Crooked explains something about facing the reality.

The Philippines is said to be the most religious country in all Asia and also one of the most immoral countries in all Asia, if not the most immoral. Philippines is also known to be the second most corrupt country in Asia this survey is an example of how deeply the Philippines is upright and at the same time how deeply crooked this could be. People’s entire concept is based on”investing” in heaven an example of this Is by donating something to a religious organization and assuming that they are already exempted from having to live exemplary lives.

Hearing masses, going to confession and receiving the sacraments are the practice that we do and Imagining Like we are just taking a bath to cleanse our sins for going back again to the normal routine like lying, cheating, and stealing with a punishment that is inflicted in return for a wrong doing. The principle here is simple; form is everything like the practices that we are doing but the substance on why we are doing this is nothing. Putting our Faith to Work gives details about on how do we put our faith to work realizing the fact that our churches are filled on Sundays, and yet people very often do not seem to act like Christians at all.

We must stress that it is not our Catholic faith that is wrong. We have convert people to Christianity for church membership, rather than for discipleship. We have taught people to seek the kingdom of heaven but we failed to urge them to build a better society. We have drawn our members to our churches for worship but have not sent them out to the world for service. The Catholic faith that we have propagated has been directed more toward celebrating In the Church than a Christian living in the world.

The problem, however, does not lie inside our churches people go out of the church that trouble begins. We need to put our Christian faith to work in all choices that we make we must make our Christian faith at the center of our lives in and out of the church. Catholic Devotions expresses the people’s personal experiences like when we talk about devotions that has been a greater part of our lives especially in religion that may attract others. Different people have different perspectives that may lead to different religions even if there is only one

God or worst established a religion because of differences in beliefs. We only express our faith in God in God according to our background and culture. Catholics know more about devotions, rituals novenas that turns out to be a practice and little about scriptures and the teachings of Jesus. Belief is different from faith; a belief without the right faith is fanaticism and gives security, but true faith involves insecurity. We do not need faith when we are so sure of our beliefs. What’s it all about making the grade but missing out on learning?

Going to class is seen as a duty by most students, rather than an opportunity that they should be thanking for. They are more concern about the grades, assignments, projects and how to pass the subjects than what they have really learned. Learning is necessary and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Homework should never be done only because it is needed; if the only reason that a student completes his or her requirement for the sake of getting a grade then it is not a good result because you didn’t learn something from it you Just memorize.

Figuring out Life’s Most Important Questions, students do everything that is required so that they can land to the right Job. Career motivations, questions about the best way to help society in knowing who am l, how shall I live are the questions and things that are important to be talking about at this stage in our lives. Students don’t want to e told on what to believe or how to live their lives. Guidance and encouragement is needed to help us figure out life’s most important questions for ourselves not to Just be talking about it but also to act on it as well.

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