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However there s a slight difference between excessive internet use and internet addiction The internet has had an impact on society because Weinstein & Leukocyte (2010). Of consumer’s abilities to conduct all sorts of functions such as work related assignments, educational, and leisure related activities. The population that is affected most is spread across all age groups. The following excerpt illustrates the severity of internet addiction. The results were complex. Internet addiction and Skycaps were negatively correlated.

Students who spend more time on the Internet and social media, who are male and use Internet for daily communication were more likely to have higher Internet addiction scores. Skycaps can be significantly predicted by academic success, Internet addiction and having a blob. Although social media using time was not interacted with Skycaps, social media membership leaded to both higher Skycaps and higher Internet addiction. Especially, scores of the students who had Linked and Youth accounts were significantly higher.

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Internet addiction scores were also higher for students having Twitter, Youth, Pinsetters, and Linked accounts. It can be concluded that Internet addiction decreases Skycaps. Social media membership increases both Internet addiction and Skycaps. As the internet use increases with consumers there could be a considerable amount of addicted consumers. More research may offer more solutions to the problem; however the issue must be identified first before any solution could be offered. One study suggested that internet social media sites are to blame for the number of addicted internet users.

The following excerpt is according to Horses, Seekers& Timid (2014) it illustrates this Aims To assess disordered online social networking use via modified diagnostic criteria for absence dependence, and to examine its association with difficulties with regulation and substance use. Design Cross-sectional survey study targeting undergraduate students. Associations between disordered online social networking use, internet addiction, deficits in emotion regulation and alcohol use problems were examined using universal and multivariate analyses of covariance.

Conclusions the use of online social networking sites is potentially addictive One other suggested cause for the high number of internet abusers could also be connected to stress and stressful events. The following passage is according to Yang, L’, & SSI (2014) it supports the previous statement. Internet addiction (IA) is an emerging social and mental health issue among youths. Analysis of risk factors, as well as their interactions, is crucial for understanding the development of IA.

This study investigated the relationship between recent stressful life events, personality traits, perceived family functioning and IA in 892 college students Importance of Research Further research could help those who are inadequate socially to become more comfortable with social interaction. The lack of social skills that many youngsters exhibit currently could be considered alarming. Internet and gaming systems have caused an increase in social withdrawal among younger consumers. Past researchers have claimed there is a correlation between the past school shootings and the over use of the internet, and abuse of gaming systems.

It has been argued that a large number of the adolescence that spend an abundant amount of time on the internet and or gaming systems lose a sense of what is realistic and what is fantasy. Some have argued that violent games encourage angry individuals to kill and injure others in real life because they have a hard time discerning between what’s real and what isn’t. The internet has a huge impact on those who are considered addicted the following passage illustrates the findings of a study conducted in 2013. Tidies of visual attention noted a phenomenon termed ‘inattention blindness’ – the inability of participants to see clear stimuli enter the visual field when attending to something else that field – and sought to expand the understanding of the phenomenon (Engines & Buckle, 1975; Simons & Chablis, 1999; Storefront, Baldwin, & Flynn, 1993). Other research has focused on the changes to the human brain and cognitive functions as a result of video game play, both in positive and negative contexts.

Controversies There isn’t much evidence to prove that there is any controversies’ surrounding this topic. That isn’t to say that there isn’t any opponents of this notion, however there Just isn’t much information out to illustrate or explain the point of view from the addicted. However there are questions that surround whether or not internet abuse or the addiction to gaming consoles causes some individuals to become mentally ill. The following passage is according to Initial, V. A. , Dean, D. J. , & Paltrier, A. 2013) it illustrates how there hasn’t been enough research to clearly state that excessive internet usage causes mental health issues. Aim Internet use has grown exponentially in the past decade, but there has been little systematic research to inform our understanding of how this phenomenon may relate to mental illness. Although several characteristics of individuals experiencing psychotic- like experiences ( Piles) may render this group particularly susceptible to problematic Internet SE, to date there have been no studies examining Internet use in this group.

Because the experience of PILES is considered a risk ‘behavior’ for formal psychosis, it is crucial to understand how patterns of Internet use may be tied to the progression of illness It can be considered that more research on the topic is needed. Similarities All ten articles had a common theme.

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