Introduction to Anthropology: Course Description Assignment

Introduction to Anthropology: Course Description Assignment Words: 291

Archaeological ethos, models, and Evolutionary theory are addressed and discussed. A major component of the class will be Human Evolution looking at the fossil evidence of our species, Homo sapiens including new and recent discoveries. Learnt Eng Objectives The goal of this course is to introduce students to Archaeology and Biological Anthropology focusing on human evolution from our earliest ancestors who walked upright, through to the development of complex state societies.

The objectives of the course include learning the material and learning how to learn and express oneself clearly. This includes identifying important facts from a large body of material and to effectively summaries them; use this information to form an opinion and argue it logically. Policies There will be no make up exams, if you miss an exam, due to an emergency, religious observances or for medical reasons, when you bring in a note (following University Policy) immediately that percentage of your mark will be hefted to the final exam.

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The short essay will have a per day penalty for a total of 5 days after which it will not be accepted. Required Readings The text in this course will be Lewis, Juryman, R. , and Kilgore, L. 2012. Legerdemain’s Humans: Introduction to physical Anthropology and Archaeology 1 lath edition, Headwords. This text is available at the bookstore and in the library. Class Schedule: This is a tentative lecture schedule and is subject to change, except for the date of the tests and other assignment due dates.

The lectures will not be recitations of the material from the readings, therefore regular attendance at lectures is highly recommended, as the tests/exam will be based on material from the readings and from lectures.

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