Intranet and Extranet Assignment

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Teddy Czech 8/27/10 Module 08 Written Assignment Comparing Networks The intranet network is a collection of private networks within an organization. It uses network technologies as a tool to communicate between people or workgroups. This tool is to help improve data sharing within the business. The intranet network is completely secure and has no portals to the outside world. The intranet network is completely an internal network, which the users maybe an executive team, human resources, accounting and or internal employees. One example for an internet network comes from the web browser; “Google”.

Google has an intranet called: “Moma”. This is for the Google employees to have access to certain business related information like for payroll, phone numbers, news, and any contact information. The extranet network is a computer network that allows controlled information to be accessible from the outside for business or education. Extranets are not open connections a user must login and have security certificates in order to function correctly. The extranet network is less secure, but new technology makes it more secure with new software and certain firewalls.

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Users of the extranet network are for companies to share information or data with external users. Some examples are; vendors, suppliers, customers, or business clients. An example of a business using an extranet network is “AFLAC”. This is to manage, control, and store information which is shared to employees that are external. AFLAC uses an e-business application called “Livelink”. This is for employees to work efficient in collecting or sending important information to their business or clients. The internet network is a worldwide system of computer networks that share information, email, chat, and has web pages.

It is made up of thousands of commercial, academic and government networks. Users of the internet are the public at large, employees, businesses all over the world to share information. Any businesses using the internet will be able to communicate, share meaningful and useful accessible information. The businesses will grow and share to customers, businesses, advertise, employees, and the public at large, all over the world. I think as for running a business it is essential to have and make all three of these networks work in their business.

It is important keep have employees collect information internally and externally. Not all business needs an external network, but if it came down to I. S department or I. T. department it is very well needed. This is so the company is watched from external networks hacking away into their business. The internet network is more for the upper management to collect information to push business forward. These are my resources for the Intranet: http://blogoscoped. com/archive/2007-11-28-n25. html “What the Google Intranet Looks Like” Philipp Lenssen & Tony Ruscoe Wednesday, November 28, 2007) http://googlesystem. blogspot. com/2005/12/moma-google-intranet. html MOMA – Google intranet ( Alex Chitu, Wednesday, December 14, 2005) These are my resources for the Extranet: http://www. allbusiness. com/technology/software-services-applications-information/6530684-1. html “AFLAC Uses Livelink Enterprise Wide to Drive Collaborative CRM and Improve Efficiencies” (Business Wire, Thursday, November 9 2000) My resources for the Internet: http://www. tbchad. com/bususe. html “Business Uses of the Internet” ( Terry Brainerd Chadwick, 1997)

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