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Commerce group Founded In 1990, Sung Appliance Is the leading company In the Industry of C (consumer appliance, computer and communication products) home appliance retail chain in China. Sunning E;go is its online shopping platform which founded in 2009. II Definitions a) EDI Electronic data interchange is a method for transferring data between different computer systems or computer networks. B) XML XML is a markup language for documents containing structured information.

It is widely used for the representation of arbitrary data structures such as HTML. And IRS is kind use of XML. C) Intranet An intranet is a computer network that uses Internet protocol technology to share information, operational systems, or computing services within an organization. This term is used in contrast to internet, a network between organizations, and instead refers to a network within an organization. ) Extranet An extranet is a computer network which allows controlled access from the outside, for specific business or educational purposes. ) Technological Pressures of CE business model The pressures come from technological aspect, such as Information overload, and Increase innovations and new technologies and so on. Ill Summary and comment In the video, Patties Mass show a great product called sixth sense, which can help us to get rid of the digital divide the gap between real world and digital word. In some way, it can give us some digital advice when we do some shopping, sporting ND so on. It seem like we get the sixth sense to help us make decision. Coincidentally, I had watched another video in TED three years ago.

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Prang Misery, Patties Mass’ student, had invented a new way for Human Machine Intercommunication. But the video was focus on its technological innovation not as commodity for consumers. “Actually, not be machines sitting in front of other machines. ” said by Prang Misery. I Just feel it is an amazing idea and help us to stay human at that time. Simple is best. Sixth sense give a clear vision for consumers and make them want to buy it and use it. Patties Mass makes the technology convert to commodity, which gives a better promotion than Prang Ministry.

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