Intoroduction of information technology Assignment

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To develop the soft skills of students, particularly the ability to express their respective views/ideas, both orally (participation in class discussions), and in writing (essay-oriented assignment), and to enable them to do so, in a critical, analytical, clear, and effective manner. Synopsis The focus of this course is a critical introduction to Malaysian Constitution. This course presents a comprehensive, well-organized, functional approach to Malaysian Constitution. It associates with the idea of providing students with an overview of the constitution, its system and problems.

The students will learn how the institutions created by the constitution as well as the principles and ideals that govern their operation. The approach is very practical, and prepares the student to look at both law and practice; not Just the theory but also the working of the constitution. As for the contents of this course, it has been divided into a three-layered approach. In the first assembles the topics that are called the foundations of the Malaysian Constitutions with deal with some basic concepts such as to the nature and essence of constitution and constitutionalism, the scope and framework of Malaysian

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Constitution, the supremacy of the constitution and the indigenous character of the of structure and the institution, essentially deal with the main institutions created by the constitution. There are the legislatures, executives and Judiciary. The third unpacks the issues and problems of the constitution. Some of the topics under this group deal with some of the features of our constitution such as federalism and constitutional amendments. Questions pertaining to emergency powers, elections and citizenship the discussions with some reflections on what is termed as constitutional states in Malaysia.

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