Internship Report Assignment

Internship Report Assignment Words: 275

Which accounting major courses were the most useful for your experience and how? 0 What are the roles and the responsibilities of each section? What internal controls the company implements (both the conventional and the IT), how effective you think they are, what are their current weaknesses and what are the expected risks? C what accounting courses or topics you suggest to be Introduced to the existing accounting major courses plan? Can you link any specific theory or concept you learned In your major with any of your asks?

C] Based on your Internship experience, what Accounting courses or topics you suggest to be Introduced to the existing operations major courses plan? C] Conclusion C] How do you evaluate your experience In general? Did the Internship experience meet your personal expectations? O What are the skills that you acquired during your internship? And what skills would you like to develop in preparation for your career? CLC How has this internship impacted your career goals? References (please provide references for any information quoted – where did you get the information from? )

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Appendix (optional: you can provide any documentation as a sample for interrelatedness cases and assignments you prepared or worked on in training; please make sure that providing such documentation is permitted by the organization or the company you had your internship in) 8. 10. 11. Environment. You may be assigned to do your internship in a department other than Accounting. However, you may still be able to gather information about the organization’s Accounting activities (if any) by visiting the concerned department or by interviewing an Accounting representative from the organization. 2

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