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Research and critical review of Internet resources to develop a classroom project During the week I spent in school I noticed that students do not show interest and pay less attention in subjects such as History, English and Catalan. Teachers, to avoid this problem and make the class more dynamic, organize short projects where students have to search for information of/about the item they are working with, in order to copy and paste It later In a color cardboard with photos.

I my opinion, this Is a good method but I have noticed that the problem Is students do not understand he information they are looking for, because they do not read it. They choose the easy way: copy and paste. Teachers should try to find a solution to this problem, I consider the best way to deal with it is new technologies. I think it is a pity students do not take advantage of the Internet, a tool which used properly, can be very useful and significant during the child’s development.

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I hope to carry out a good research and get a positive outcome since think It Is Important for elementary students to know how to search for Information, read It and qualify it as valid. We know that due o the Internet, students can obtain the information they need with a great ease by simply clicking a button. However, I noticed that this great accessibility to any kind of data can be abused.

For example, when an assignment is given to the students, what many of them do is Just surf through websites, mainly Wisped, where apparently all the Information they need Is posted, and they copy it, and paste It without having a look at the material thoroughly later. In my opinion, this Is the big problem I found out In many schools. So I researched some Internet resources which could help dents to deepen in the subject they are working with at that time.

This does not mean Wisped is not a good tool, but as I see it, if they only use the Wisteria’s resources for having some references, they will certainly fail. The disadvantage of Wisped is that the information provided is relatively unofficial and Inconsistent. What children should do Is validate the trustworthiness of Wisped by comparing the Information Walt other reliable and authorized websites. To work and understand the contents there are many on-line resources for writing and giving students the hence to practice keyboarding skills as well as a variety of writing techniques at the same time.

For instance, Storekeeper is a useful tool. It is a website that allows students to create stories with pictures. Children can create different scenes and what’s more, they can upload photos that they want to use for their story. Another good resource Is Gloater DEED, an education platform for the creative expression of (online multimedia posters), with photos, videos, text, sounds, graphics, data attachments, drawings, and more. In addition, they can share it with their classmates ND moreover with other schools.

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