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English IV Advanced Placement'” English Literature and Composition Summer Reading Assignments Mrs.. McNeil [email protected] Spinet. Org The purpose of the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) courses is to prepare students for college work and/or APT exams that will give them the opportunity to receive college credit. This is a fast paced substantial course taught with a college-level curriculum and is not for the weak in mind or spirit. A key factor in succeeding on the ,AP”‘ exam is to have an understanding of numerous works of literary merit.

In order to prepare for the 2012-2013 school ear and the APT” exam in May 2013, there will be reading assignments over the summer. You should complete each assignment and be prepared to turn in your assignments on the first day of school. There will also be a timed writing test over Pride and Prejudice the week you return from summer vacation. ASSIGNMENT #1: Read How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster You will need to purchase your own copy of this book. You will find it to be a required text for many college COUrses, so hang on to it! Answer the following study questions as you read: 1.

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Chi. 1 pegs. -6 “Every Trip is a Quest (Except When It’s Not)” a. What are the five characteristics of the quest? 2. Chi. 2 pegs. 7-14 “Nice to Eat With You: Acts of Communion” a. List the things, according to Foster, that eating in literature can represent. 3. Chi. 3 pegs. 15-21 “Nice to Eat You: Acts of Vampires” a. What are some things besides vampires that vampires and ghosts represent in literature? 4. Chi. 4 pegs. 22-27 “If It’s Square, It’s a Sonnet” a. Why, according to Foster, is it more difficult to write a short poem than a long one? 5. Chi. 5 pegs. 28-36 “Now, Where Have I Seen Her Before? ” a.

What is the “big secret” Foster reveals in this chapter? 6. Chi. 6 pegs. 37-46 “Even in Doubt, It’s from Shakespeare… ” A. Why do so many writers use and quote Shakespeare? 7. Chi. 7 pegs. 47-56 “… Or the Bible” a. What do Biblical allusions do for a piece of literature? 8. Chi. 8 pegs. 57-63 “Handled and Graduated” a. What is the literary canon, and (b) what does Foster suggest as the reason so many writers choose to allude to fairy tales in their works? 9. Chi. 9 pegs. 64-73 “It’s Greek To Me” a. What are the four great struggles of the human being? 10. Chi. 10 pegs. 74-81 “It’s More Than Just Rain or SnoW’ a.

What can some of the hypes of weather such as rain, fog, rainbow, etc. , represent in literature? 11. Chi. 11 pegs. 87-96 “… More Than It’s Goanna Hurt You: Concerning Violence” a. Choose an act of violence or a death from a piece of literature you have read and using the information in this chapter, identify its literary purpose. Be sure to include specific details to make your answer clear and complete. 12. Chi. 12 pegs. 97-107 “Is That a Symbol? ” a. Why is symbolic meaning different for each individual reader? (b) What are some of the factors that influence what we understand in our reading? 13. Chi. 13 pegs. 108-116 “It’s All Political” .

On page 115 Foster explains why most literature can be called “political. ” Summarize his argument. 14. Chi. 14 pegs. 117-124 “Yes, She’s a Christ Figure, Too” a. Foster asserts that a character need not have all of the distinguishing characteristics of Jesus Christ in order to be considered a Christ figure in literature. Why? 15. Chi. 15 pegs. 125-134 “Flights of Fancy” a. Does a character always have to actually fly in order for there to be “flying’ in a piece of literature? 16. Chi. 16 pegs. 135-142 “It’s All About Sex… ” A. What are some things that can represent male and female sexuality in iterate? 17. Chi. 17 pegs. 143-151 ” Except Sex” a.

What are some of the other things that a sex scene can mean? 18. Chi. 18 pegs. 152-162 “If She Comes Up, It’s Baptism” a. What are some of the things that baptism (or immersion in water) can mean in literature? B. What are some of the things that drowning can mean in literature? 19. Chi. 19 pegs. 163-174 “Geography Matters.. ” A. What does it mean when an author sends a character south? 20. Chi. 20 pegs. 175-184 “… So Does Season” a.. What are the symbolic meanings of the seasons? 21. Interlude pegs. 185-192 “One Story” a. Summarize Foster’s point in this section of the book. 22. Chi. 21 pegs. 193-200 “Marked For Greatness” a.

Choose a book you have read recently and identify a main character that has some physical marking. Explain why you think the author chose to give him/her that physical trait what does it mean? 23. Chi. 22 pegs. 201-206 “He’s Blind for a Reason, You Know” a. For what reason(s) do authors choose to make characters blind in literature? 24. Chi. 23 pegs. 207-212 “It’s Never Just Heart Disease… ” A. What things can “heart trouble” signify in literature? 25. Chi. 24 pegs. 213-225 ” And Rarely Just Illness” . What are the “principles governing the use of disease in works of literature? 26. Chi. 25 pegs. 226-234 “Don’t Read With your Eyes” a.

Explain what Foster means by “don’t read with your eyes”. 27. Chi. 26 pegs. 235-244 “Is He Serious? And Other Ironies” a. Explain what Foster means by “irony trumps everything”. Assignment #2 Read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. You will need to obtain your OWN copy of this novel. Complete the assignment below. After you read this witty and comedic view of early 19th Century life in England, you are to research on the internet (don’t use Wisped) and discover information about Jane Statute’s life, as well as research information to give you a brief overview of life in England from 1798 – 1832 (The Romantic Age).

Was Statute’s life typical of other women in this time period? Was her depiction in the novel an accurate representation of the time? Type a 2-3 page essay sharing the information you gleaned from your research. (Double spaced, 12 point, Ariel or Times New Roman, one inch margins, etc. ) Use MEAL format for the essay. Be sure to prepare an MEAL style works cited page for any sources you use in your paper. ASSIGNMENT Read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Complete the following essay assignment. Put yourself in Guy Montage’s place. Imagine that you have joined the wandering group of book lovers.

Think of 3 books you think would be worth saving from the firemen. These should be works you believe would be of value to future civilizations, either for their ideas, their stories, their characters, their point of view, etc. Out of the 3 books, pick 1 you would memorize and “become. ” (Yes, you must choose just 1! ) In a well-written essay of 6 paragraphs (one for the introduction, one for each book you choose, one for the book you become, and conclusion), tell which books o have selected and defend your choice in terms of the book’s meaning and the contribution it can make to a better world.

The final body paragraph should address the work that you have decided to memorize and “become. ” Tell why you have selected this book and why you think it more important than the others. Be as specific as you can when naming and justifying each selection. This essay should be typed, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I look forward to having you in APT” English IV. Mrs.. Melanie McNeil

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