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You are to imagine you are an exercise professional writing a blob for fellow exercise professionals about the role of psychology in exercise. I want you to include a case study description/ story describing the journey of someone – you, a hypothetical client, a person you recently watched a Youth video on a real person you know who you can imagine is your client – in using exercise to change fitness, e. G. Lose weight, increase muscle mass, etc – whatever exercise goal you want (just focus on one). Over a period of months, not weeks.

Do not focus on nutrition, you can mention it in a sentence or ;o, UT no more than that. You want to FOCUS on both aspects of how psychology affects exercise, e. G. How motivation of your client affects exercise habits, as well as how exercise affects psychology, e. G. How doing more exercise will improve your client’s anxiety issues. Suggest doing your hypothetical blob in Word first (and saving regularly! ) and then transferring this information to Model and editing it to ‘polish’ it up. Don’t worry about adding ‘tags’.

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And please note that every blob is only viewable to you ND the marker – so you can write private personal stuff about your own journey if you like (of course backing it up and relating it to evidence) Use the NUNS logo here as a header image in your blob post (you don’t need to reference this picture): http:// rebeccareynoldsunswfiles. Wordless. Com/2013/05/new-image. Pang Take note of this guide here for how to write a good blob: http://rebelliousness’s. Wordless. Com/tips-for-writing-successful-blob- posts/ use the Harvard referencing style = Author-date: HTTPS:// student. News. Due. U/Harvard-referencing (except for pictures – with these, just list the web address where you got the picture from as a hyperlink to the picture -? if you know how to do this – or underneath the picture). Because you are an exercise professional writing this blob for other exercise professionals, your audience has some exercise knowledge -? not a ‘lay’ person/the general population. So you must pitch it correctly, I. E. Include referenced academic information. You can also refer to media articles or other blobs that are relevant to your Story.

There is an example of a blob post that got good marks in Semester 2, 2013, on Model. Note that the instructions may have been somewhat different that semester to the instructions you are provided with. Enjoy this assignment and I trust that it will remind you of some of your own experiences with physical activity. Worth 15% of total course grade. 5% 4% 3% 2% 1% 0% understanding Excellent understanding of the relationships between exercise and psychology, reflected by appropriate/relevant information provided in blob Good Moderate Some Poor

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