However, learning to write is still perceived conventional where teachers are often told make a direct writing without the writing process. They are often given limited so it is less Interesting, challenging exploration, losing the element of Innovation and creation. In fact, larding often, over the years, become the sole examiner of learners writing that the lack of feedback and Interaction In the process of writing it. One way that can be used to improve the quality of teaching and learning writing skills with the use of CIT is a blob (online Journal).

Blob is an inline Journal where learners can write whatever they think is interesting, edit it, publish it, and even make it a media to (sharing) for all those involved. It is believed that the use of a blob post can provide a real audience and potential for improvement of learner writing, Innovation, exploration, and the creation of better, giving a more dynamic Interaction, better literacy skills, even the development work in teams. Keywords: Blob, Internet, Learning Writing INTRODUCTION Developments in science and technology have been so rapid at this age.

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Selecting developments that occurred during this does not take place suddenly, but occurs gradually. The development of science occurs because humans have always faced the challenge of nature, circumstances and conditions that spur there boost to make people move towards progress and encouragement is curiosity (Mutations, 2002: 63). All the things that happened up to now is a long series of human history. The rapid advancement of technology and science has been a challenge (and opportunity) for all aspects of human life, Including education.

Education Is now compete and take part in this globalization era. To that end, the institution as an institution that aims to improve human resources are expected to provide the best tit the following breakthrough improvement efforts with a view to improving the quality of processes and products of education. Indonesia to build a quality education system is necessary to support all components of a comprehensive and sustainable. The current global developments requires the development of human resources in terms of quality (Neurosis, 2002: 1).

Education in Indonesia has undergone many transformations, from the method, focus, curriculum, and more. Language learning, especially learning foreign languages, also experienced similar things. There have been many strategies, techniques, methods, and ideas that have en generated for the quality of learning a foreign language better. However, until now, as far as researchers know, learning a foreign language, especially English is still not showing optimal results. The ability of children to learn English, have even started primary school and supplemented with additional hours outside of class, still not optimal.

Learning English is now faced with the challenge of improving the quality of learning processes and outcomes so that human resources are expected to be improved. There are a lot of people, especially children who are learning English now not able o speak and write in English even though they understand the rules that exist in the language they tend to only understand the concepts that exist mechanically, which when they are faced with circumstances should speak or write, they are not able to do so. There are many things that affect the success of English language learning in the classroom.

Some of them are the following factors that are related to each other. First, from the teacher factor. Many teachers are not familiar with English language learning emphasis on mastery of language skills and competencies will be other instituting component as well as the creativity and wisdom (wry. Harassing. Com). Lack of opportunity for creativity, lack of understanding and training activities that support may be the cause of poor quality due to the quality of learning that teachers affect the quality of learning and teaching English.

Second, of the factors ability students. The third factor is of things beyond the earlier mentioned, such as the environment, learning resources, learning support staff, and other facilities. These things can not be denied to give effect to the success of the learning process. It would have these things in a positive way to support quality teaching students skills that can be improved. But often, these things are not optimal in supporting English language learning success. The things mentioned above have affected the quality of learning English so need to find a solution.

All components of learning are expected to be able to work together to achieve results effectively to increase learning. For example, a teacher must have a basic competence in the management and regulation to create a climate conducive to teaching and learning to enable the implementation of teaching and learning activities in accordance with the competencies of each student. This is certainly the basis of professional competence should be supported by a specific strategy given the circumstances of each class is different. Sometimes, a particular strategy in class A may not be equally effective if the strategy is applied in class B.

Writing skills is one future as it will be able to provide an opportunity and a challenge course for them. To produce a good writing, one must have an adequate schemata can be expressed effectively through the medium of writing. A good writing can not be completely knishes, but it should be through a variety of processes ranging from the outline, to draft, to get into writing, and throughout the process, continuous revisions continue to be made. But in reality, many students who do not produce a paper through the process of writing it. Especially in learning to write, the following potentially large influence learning success writing.

Blob is a page someone who frequently updated often called the Journal online (Roof and Soprano, 2007). Today, the blob is growing very rapidly with the development of CIT in Indonesia. Almost everyone has a blob, ranging from artists, Laotians, teachers, lecturers to students because it makes the process very easy. By having a blob that also means having an online Journal, students can write whatever they enjoy, where they can edit and post as often as they want, which can also be a media for all audiences, both in the classroom and outside the classroom, even abroad who can not imagine considering these Journals are online.

In relation to the upgrading of writing, the use of media in accordance with the characteristics of blobs is learning to write. With a blob, students can write anything on the blob that has en there, including giving additional emphasis or information with other media are also available, such as audio, video, or link to the address of the page Other relevant. Technically, a blob is not difficult, because it requires no programming knowledge and syntax complicated. Students only needed to fill slots that already exist, such as typing, then stay posted and their blob can be seen by all people in the world.

If there is an error, it can be immediately corrected. So, a blob is easy, as long as there is a connection. Without realizing it, the potential for real audience gives ‘demand’ as ell as the opportunity for students to show their best work. It is hoped it will also provide better motivation for the improvement of student writing competence. Furthermore, according to some of the factors previously mentioned, the blob would be trusted to help increase student achievement in teaching writing.

Rational actions are as follows: ; Students will be taught to work through the process of writing activities, ranging from an outline, a draft, until the final paper where in each process, the revision is still being done on a continuous basis. The results of student writing outline, to rating the final draft has been approved or corrected placed on their blob so as to give pride and encouragement to do their best to show to everyone who has access to their blobs. Students are given the opportunity to do peer correction, where they can see each other and comment on his work for better results before corrected by the lecturer. It certainly will help lecturers also considering correcting student writing is not easy considering the number of classes and students are taught. ; From the beginning, the standard of assessment that will be used to correct student ark is given and explained that each party will know what should be emphasized or repaired. ; To provide the creativity and innovation, media blobs will be used.

Students will explain how to create a blob first, then fill the posts in it, and how to In learning to write, students also must grasp the knowledge of the basic elements of writing, knowledge of the components that make up a coherent writing (unity) and coherent (coherence), and writing competence based on the types of writing. In this case, students can pour their ideas and express their feelings in writing good and effective. Neither does it mean paragraphs constitute a cohesive and coherent entity.

Effectively meant that their paper will be able to attract the attention of the reader and able to convey the message that you want in a timely and well stated. With the use of blobs as online Journals in penumbra media writing, student writing competence can be improved. Increased competence is expected to impact on improving student competence in English covering aspects of other language skills, namely listening, reading, and speaking as well as the components of language, such as pronunciation, structure, word choice, vocabulary, and more.

With increasing English proficiency students, are expected to increase the quality of learning. Functions using the internet and blobs Finch and Circulation (Mullahs, 2003: 37) states that competence means the mastery of tasks, skills, behaviors, and rewards necessary for the success or an achievement. Paddies (2004) adds that competence is the ability of the subjects and lab course that must be possessed by graduates, capabilities that should be done by the student. In essence, both these opinions have the same idea about the notion of competence which basically refers to the ability of students to do omitting by a certain standard.

These definitions can be summarized two things, namely, the ability of students to master the aspects and components of language skills, and the ability of students produce good writing and effective based on the principle of cohesion and coherence. Neither does it mean paragraphs constitute a cohesive and coherent entity. Effectively meant that their paper will be able to attract the attention of the reader and able to convey the message that you want in a timely and well stated. These two capabilities above, can not be separated since they are an integral and tautly supportive.

In other words, it can be concluded that, students will be categorized yet have sufficient competence if they do not master both skills very well. Learning to write is essentially a study of how people express their ideas and feelings through writing media (Rained, 2003: 2). Through the activities of writing, one could also express needs, to record his thoughts on matters that are important or activities that are personal in their lives. In fact, writing can also be used as entertainment, where one can communicate feelings and ideas to others through a variety of media ND forms, such as letters, autobiographies, stories, and essays.

Reneging, (2002: 3) states that there are four general purpose of the act of writing, which is to inform, influence, express, and entertaining. In an article, almost all of which was written by things that can be displayed more clearly because of that ability. There are many types of essays or writing, such as writing narrative, descriptive, argumentative, persuasive, with a variety of classes, such as classification, comparison, cause and effect, and others. All types of writing are to be mastered by the students which they ill be expected to demonstrate mastery of the types of writing including other linguistic component.

Thus, the ability of students to express their ideas and feelings will be conveyed effectively to the reader. In writing, students should be able to master a few things. First, students should be able to master the elements of writing, such as the topic sentence / thesis statement, introduction, body, and conclusion. Each element has a characteristic that should be followed to make the writing students will be better. Second, students should be able to master the knowledge of he components that form a unified and coherent writing. Third, students were able to have the competence to write an essay based on the types of composition.

Motivation in Language Learning Gardner and Trembler (1994) states that motivation relates to how people behave. Mentioned that there are four aspects of motivation, among others, 1) purpose, 2) effort, 3) the wish to achieve goals, and 4) the behavior that supports the achievement of a solution to the problem. In addition, the motivation is also defined as a prelude to establishing and maintaining a person’s behavior toward its goals. Motivational aspect is very important because of their role in determining the activity and behavior of students in learning.

Oxford & Shearing (1994) further states that motivation is the desire to achieve a goal, combined with the effort to achieve that goal. Many researchers consider motivation as a key element in determining success in improving learning a second language or foreign language. It determines the range of activity, and personal involvement in learning a second language. Motivation can be divided into two: positive motivation and negative motivation. Positive titivation arise in response involving comfort and optimism about the tasks carried.

While negative motivation refers to the retrieval tasks that always haunted by a sense of discomfort that ultimately lead to something undesirable anyway. For example, failure, caused by low motivation that lecturing duties can not be resolved. In connection with this, Gardner and Lambert (1972) proposed a model called the Socio-Educational Model. The model is structured after doing research for over ten years and concluded that the behavior of the learners towards the target language and culture have an important role in language learning motivation.

From this model, there are two kinds of motivation, namely instrumental and integrative motivation. Technology, Information, and Communication Technology (ACT) Purpose: ; be able to motivate students to collaborate with each other and be responsible for their learning process, ; assist individual talent, giving independence and self- confidence are appropriate, ; help students to use their imagination and promote creativity ; build skills of inquiry and students’ ability to communicate and establish contexts will require critical thinking, decision making, and problem-solving activities.

An examination of each component raises a set of issues that the teachers need to consider in order to make-technology integration as successful as possible. For example, content can be Examined in terms of learning outcomes and the the amount of time they have for planning and teaching, and their view of their role in the teaching and learning process. They need to think carefully about their students, their exposure and access to technology as well as their preferred learning styles.

Finally, they can turn to the technology itself and analyze it According to its functions. This approach to teaching and learning with technology assumes that the four component parts are integrated and that changes in one part will require adjustments to the other three in order to Achieve the same goals. ” Given the progress and benefits, at this time, many schools and other institutions have made use of CIT as a tool to promote learning, to improve competence, the development of a person’s ability to respond, and other things for a more effective learning.

Eager and Legman (1999) adds that the process of learning, standardized assessment, and competence can be improved through the use of CIT in teaching ND learning. With respect to teaching writing, Goldberg, et al. (2003) stated that writing using computers and utilize CIT media can increase the amount of writing students, as well as their writing competence since they are given the opportunity to write and express ideas, feelings, and experiences in a creative and innovative.

Media Blob as a Media Learning Writing According Roof and Soprano (2007), the blob is a page (website) that serves as a medium online Journal / diary for someone. Roof and Soprano (2007), the blob is a page (website) that serves as a medium online Journal / diary for someone. So when earning through blobs do, it will be easy and quick to learn for fun blob use. In addition, the blob also as a means to broaden and share your experiences by writing. It will foster creativity. By utilizing free blobbing services on the Internet, teachers are capable of creating and storing online supplemental materials for students, post class notes for student review, and give general feedback to the class as whole and individually. Additionally, students are Able to submit assignments online. ” Thus, use of blobs as online Journals or other container in learning, especially writing skills is very possible considering. Many things can be put in the blob. Interestingly, the blob also provides an opportunity for users to put sound, video, images, and more.

All those things are easy to do (www. Flogger. Com, 2007). Through the medium of blobs, one can collect and share things that are interesting, whether it’s political commentary, diary, or links to a page (website) other relevant information. The idea of creating a blob is not only to express ideas, feelings, and experiences, but also to get a response from users blobs that have the same goal. This is a very interesting blob, because people around the world can view, moment, take (if it is like that) the things they deem necessary.

This makes the “philosopher” is very dynamic and attractive (Wang and Fang, 2006). Roof and Soprano (2007) states that there are three types of blobs, namely: This blob is run by the lecturer in class. The contents of this blob are usually limited to the syllabus, course information, peacemaker home, and more. Alternatively, faculty can write about ideas, feelings, and experiences himself to then be divided viewed from various perspectives, such as culture, information, and other things. This limits the type of blob space for students to be more creative.

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