Individual conclusion Assignment

Individual conclusion Assignment Words: 336

The strategy implemented in the group to successfully complete the assignment effectively and efficiently was to keep our communication strong. The work was allocated to each member to complete the work given and meet up every week with their completed tasks. The work completed by the individual members was accumulated into one where everyone gave their inputs into what was needed to change or added On to improve it.

In order to write the assignment different range of sources such as; articles, websites, books and recommended readings by lecturers were used to obtain information. These sources helped by giving us a lot of facts and information hat was needed in the assignment. The group planning of the assignment went really well, everyone was completing their tasks every week; this helped us do the editing of the assignment before the deadline.

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Also our team communication was really good everyone made sure to stay in contact with each other via email and text, even when a group member was unable to attend a meeting they would not be left out. Staying within the word count gave our group a problem due to some of the parts in the assignment having gathered too much information from the sources we had, which meant we went over the word limit. But after each member proof read the assignment we were able to reduce the word limit to the maximum amount of word limit.

If there were changes needed to be made in our group assignment would be how we conducted our research methods, there would occasions where some of the team members had the same research materials I. E. They researched for the articles or information, this wasted time as the members had to carry out further research but this time having each member carry out a specific area. But soon after rectifying the problem all group member was back to speed with the task of completing the assignment.

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