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Reflect and describe which key concepts and topics in this course have made you a stronger candidate to enter the business world. In this class the sections that most prepared me for the business world are Gross income and Itemized Deductions. Whether am perusing my career in the tax business or any kind of degree in today’s world, I will need to be able to calculate my gross income, and do my federal taxes.

In the tax business I have noticed hat not many people itemize their deductions so it will be a something I will have to stay current on as it will be something crucial that is not used on a daily basis. In itemizing most people don’t realize that when claiming medical or unrulier reseed job expenses you can only claim expenses after the 2% floor of our adjusted gross income. What helped me in this class was the assignment where I had to actually do a tax return. This helped me figure out how it is done.

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I am the type where I need to see it rather than be told. I am excited to go into the business world and show off that I have learned. Discuss how this course has affected you in your professional development as a student and as a person as well as encouraging you on your academic path. This course has affected me in my professional development as a student and as a person because it taught me all the ins and outs of a subject that is going to help me even if I don’t pursue a degree in Federal Tax or any mind of accounting.

This course taught me something that I can take and use on a personal level, doing my own taxes. This course has encouraged my academic path by helping me get closer to my associate degree in accounting. Have chosen to pursue my bachelors degree in informational technology. Believe that this course is still going to affect that degree as well as the accounting degree. Hope to stay focus on my academic path and achieve all my goals and dreams.

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