Human Resource Interview: Kaiser-Permanente Assignment

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Delbert Lammers Human Resource Management: BUS 303 Human Resource Interview Beverly Williams: Instructor August 16th, 2010 For my interview, I called the human resource department of our local Kaiser Permanente hospital, Here in San Jose. I chose to interview someone in healthcare, since my college minor is in healthcare. When I called the hospital, they put me in touch with a very nice lady ( K.

Lavender, human resource manager, Kaiser Permanente Healthcare Systems, August 16, 2010) She mentioned that she had worked for Kaiser Permanente for nearly eleven years, and that she really liked her job. I told Katherine that I was pursuing an on line degree, and that my present class was Human resource management, and that this weeks assignment entailed asking someone in human resource management two questions; 1. )What type of job evaluation system is used at your place of employment, and 2. ) Who conducts the evaluation? In answer to the first question, she told me that it really depends on which department you work for.

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I ask her, what if I were a doctor? She said if you are a doctor, dentist or nurse practitioner, your job performance evaluation would be done by another doctor who also works as a physicians manager, along with two administrators. She stated that their (doctors, dentist, and nurse practitioners) evaluations involve well defined written performance standards; an evaluation tool, and the opportunity for review and feedback, and that the type that worked best for them was called an Open- ended self-evaluation, which involved giving them a yearly list of self evaluation questions.

She was kind enough to email me the questions used in last years evaluation to better understand how the process works. Here are the questions; Who are your customers? a. ) In the context of your role at this health center, what people would you define as your “customers”? How do you relate to them day to day? Do you relate to them differently over a longer period of time? b. ) How did you address your customers needs in the past year? How will they change in the coming year? Self Evaluation Areas Professional Development What activities have you undertaken for professional growth in the past year?

Please list any organized seminars or self-study programs. Did you make other efforts to learn new skills or try new approaches to patient care? Were these activities in response to an assessment of what you needed, or were they just topics that interested you? 2. )Colleague Relations a. ) How do you get along with the staff in your department? Do people do what you expect? Do their exceptions of you seem reasonable? If you can, please provide specific examples. b. ) How do you get along with other colleagues in other departments, throughout the hospital?

How much contact do you have with the various departments within our health care system? Again, specific examples may be helpful to focus your reply. Participation In Practice Goals And Operational Improvements Over the past year, we have tried to address a number of operational and quality issues at this health center. What has your participation been in this process? Did you receive input directly, or through another? Were their people or resources that you thought would be helpful but couldn’t access? Do you feel there were other ways that you could have participated in this process?

Other Professional Activities what are your professional activities outside the health center? Have you gained skills or knowledge through outside activities that help you with your job here? How about hobbies or professional pursuits? 4. )Barriers Are there barriers within your practice or health system as a whole, that complicate your work in any of the areas above? What would you be able to do if these barriers were not present? Goals And Needs 1. )Goals a. ) Please think of at least three goals you would like to set for yourself for the next year.

These should be relevant to your performance or job development. Ideally, they should be measurable and require some effort (“stretch”) on your part to achieve. b. ) Please think of at least three goals for this practice or the health system for the coming year. Again, they should be relevant and measurable. Needs a. ) What do you need from this practice and from the healthcare system? What could be done to help you better achieve the goals you mentioned above, as well as do your job better? b. )What can I do as your manager to help you perform your job and accomplish the goals you set?

The email also mentioned that the physicians-NP teams also received checklist evaluations to complete about each other. They are asked to complete the assessments confidentially and objectively and return them within two weeks. Conclusion This particular evaluation process seems rather involved and a little scary, particularly when your fellow team members assess you confidentially. Hopefully they will really be objective in their assessment. I think the other aspects concerning goals and training are what you would hope for and expect from healthcare professionals who often hold patients lives in their hands.

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