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The challenge of management is not so much in its money, machines, methods, markets but its people. There is no exact replacement for human resources as expressed by Dry. De GUI. The main concept that underlies the practice of human resources management is that human beings are the most important & critical resource & asset in the growth & development of an organization. Both the individual & the organization interact with one another, each having its set of goals, needs, perceptions & culture but with influencing each other to promote their ends.

The personal, professional & career development of people is a prime concern Of the organization if its human resources are to become assets that will contribute to its growth & development; the work place, work design, reward/career system & continuing training affect workers productivity. Assumptions, theories & principles on motivation, leadership, fellowship, management style, group work, technology, change & other variables pitted against the realities of the work setting & its environment carry tremendous explanations for the way we look at & treat human beings & the organization.

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The realization by executives of the importance of human resource paves the way for organized, systematized, coordinated & humane approaches instead of fragmented, loose, prejudiced & inhuman practice. In contrast, HRS have to accomplish not only organization goals but also individual goals. It is a fact that an individual worker whose personal goals are realized is willing to cooperate in the accomplishment of organization goals.

The harmony of both goals is directly proportional to the harmony between management & labor, thus, organization goals & employee needs are mutual & compatible. “One set need not be gained at the expense of the other. ” The greater the harmony between individual goals & organization goals, the more likely conflict arises. Harmony results where both goals are aligned with each other. The objective of harmonize the individual goals with organization goals is hardly achievable in real situations.

A complete balance between the two is indeed a notable act of performance especially in the Philippines although admittedly, this is what it should be. Aiming for alignment might entail bigger sacrifices which might not be practical in the long run. There is a need to study the attitudes of Filipino workers toward this aim of harmonize goals. A structure of roles must be formulated & maintained so that people can ark toward achieving goals & objectives.

In order to achieve coordination & harmonious relationships not only among members of the HRS but also among employees. Considerations on uniting of command, levels of management, work assignments, delegations of responsibility & authority are basic to any kind of organization. In spite of the short history of HRS in the Philips. , phenomenal changes have taken place in the last one hundred years. Its next 100 years will surely bring new waves of greater magnitude considering the dynamic nature of the )inns.

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