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Narrator: 5 friends are decided to have a camp in the forest nearby university after the semester break. They are searching for place to set up their camp. Jessica: Let’s build the tent here, its nearby river that we can get water easily. Louis:Are you sure here? ‘ see that is some weird stack of rock here,can we change to the another place? Andy:Don like a timid fellow,you are a boy. Even though we are no scare of this kind of thing. Cassia:Hay,Louis you better go wear skirt don wear the pants. Ken:He is such timid since I know him. Don surprise of it.

Narrator:After they build the camp,they divided their Job for searching suitable source that can be use in the lunch and dinner. They started to do their work but unfortunately,Andy has sprained his ankle and they went back to the camp. Jessica:Where is Ken,Andy is hurt and we need him to help. Louis:Ken is hunting inside the Jungle,he want take some meat come back. Andy:Why you didn’t follow Ken? Louis:Hunting is not suitable for me,my main Job is cooking. Cassia:You really act like a women. Go find for Ken so show us you are a men.

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Louis:No way,’ didn’t care about o all say me are woman,’ will not go into the dangerous forest and I think that Ken is coming back,he go in the forest for a long time. Andy:Never mind,my leg was not pain as Just now,’ can wait for ken to come back. Cassia:Such a timid fellow,me go for search Ken. You this women ,go wait for cooking. Narrator:Cassia went into forest for search Ken come back and help Andy. A few hour pass,Ken come back to the camp but Cassia didn’t follow Ken. Ken:Why you all looking at me? Any problems? Dun be so surprise that I have catch some chicken come back. It is so easy to me.

Jessica:Where is Cassia? She go in forest to find you,you didn’t see her? Ken:Hard? Cassia come in to find me? NO,l never see her before. You confirm that she go in? Andy:Yea,She go find you because of I have injured my leg. Ken:Ok,Let me see your leg fish. After that we go in forest and search for Cassia. L think she is lost in somewhere else. Narrator:After Ken has wrapped up Maydays legs. Ken decided to go in forest to search for Cassia but he is block by Jessica. Jessica:Ken,we just wait for Cassia to come back. Later you go in forest then she come back. Louis:Yea,also wan night already,we Just wait for Cassia to come back.

Andy: Louis you Just scare to go in the forest only. Don’t think that we dun know. Ken:okay,we wait for awhile more,if Cassia is not coming back,then I will go to search her by myself. Louis:lets us start our preparation for dinner,’ am hungry now. Andy:All you know is cook only,you dun care about your friend life’s? Louis:She only lost in the Jungle,not die in the Jungle. Jessica:Louis ,don’t simply say the word die,it is rude. Ken:Yea,if you say some kind of word like that again,’ will kick your ass. Narrator:After they have done prepare for their dinner. Cassia was haven’t come back yet.

They start to worried about safety of Cassia. When Ken want go for search Cassia,Cassia come back to the tent. She was look weird. Ken: Where did u go Just now? We all were worried about you. You look so weird. What happen to you? Cassia: I was lost in the jungle and I was waiting for your all help but you all didn’t come to help me. Jessica: No we don’t wan go to search you, because we scare that we go in forest then you come back with nobody inside the camp. Andy: Just forgive us, we want to go for find you but you come back already. Louis: Stop ,come back safe enough already.

You cost in the Jungle sure hungry already, come for dinner now. Narrator: Cassia was angry,4 of them go apologize to Cassia and Cassia forgive them. They go for dinner and they discuss what can they do after the dinner. Louis: It is a long night after the dinner, we should find something to do. Andy:let is a good idea,but what should we do? Cassia:We should find some activity that suitable for night time in forest. Ken:let sound like you have some good idea.. Cassia:Yea,l think that ghost story talk was nice in this time. Ken:Wow,really? I think that Louis wan go to sleep already. Louis:No……

No way for ghost story talk,later I will can’t sleep after hear the story. Jessica:You have scare all the things,let hear the story that will become a man not a woman. Cassia:Let me start the ghost story. Louis:oh… Wait… . . 1 need to go toilet. ‘ drink too much of water Just now Narrator:Louis look at Ken and give some signal to him. Ken:okay,okay. L know what you mean. ‘ will follow you. Narrator:Louis go into somewhere else deep in the forest. Suddenly Louis shout and scare Ken. Ken:What happen again? L’s that you pee on some weird rock? Narrator:Louis show the position that somebody has line on the ground.

When they get near to it,they saw that it was cassia and lots of blood beside her neck. Ken:L’s that Cassia? Louis:Then…. Who…… Was…. The… Person … That… ….. Wan… ….. Talk… … Ghost… … Story… Ken:We need to fast leave this place. We need to go back and tell Andy and Jessica. We need to react calm now,don’t let Cassia know we know that she has die. Louis:wait…. A….. Minute….. L…. Need….. Some….. Time….. To ….. Calm…. Down….. Narrator:Both of them go back to the camp and dint see Cassia sitting there. Ken:Mendicancy’s,where is Cassia.

Narrator:Cassia touch Ken&Louis shoulder. Ken&Louis:Renovator:Ken turn head slowly Cassia:What happen,why you so scare? Ken:Nothing,Just get shocked that somebody touch my shoulder. Narrator:Louis try to act like normal but he can’t hide his scare. Jessica:What happen Louis,why you look so weird after coming back. Louis:Nothing… Just get shocked when Cassia hit my shoulder. Cassia:Then you ready for ghost story talk? Ken:lets late now,Just stop it here,after a day work we was tired,Just go to rest and have ghost story talk tomorrow. Andy:Ken you scare of ghost Just same like Louis?

Ken:NO.. L Just feel tired. Cassia:So disappointed,’ Just have the mood to say ghost story and you all stop me. Narrator:They start to go back camp for rest,Ken stop Andy and Jessica for going back to camp with give some eye signal. Ken:Cassia,you go rest first,’ got something need to tell Andy and Jessica. Cassia:What thing that I cannot hear? Ken:Nothing,Just something about our group assignment. Cassia:okay , I go sleep first. Andy;Jessica:What happen? Why you stop us from going back ? Ken:You 2 don’t think that Cassia was look so weird after she come back from forest? Andy&Jessica:Yea,

Andy:She do something that she never do before. Louis:’ have see her dead body whole with blood lie in the forest. Ken:We need to plan to run away from here,if not we will get trouble. Narrator:zip sound. Cassia go into the camp. Ken:You all go to the car first,’ go back to take key Narrator: Ken and Andy went back to tent quietly to avoid making sound that can caught Stack’s attention. After Ken took his key, he started to piggyback Andy and ran towards the car. Stacy: Where are you all going? Why are you all leaving me alone here? Aren’t we friends since we are young? Narrator: Ken and Andy started o run towards the car. Running) Ken wanted to start the engine of the car but he wasn’t able to do that. Ken: Oh, my goodness! Why I can’t start the engine at this important moment?! Narrator: The car is finally started. Ken drove the car very fast to escape. Ken: Thank goodness! Finally, the engine worked! Andy: I feel like we are quite bad. We Just left Stack’s dead body in the forest…. Jessica: I know… But we need to escape from here and look for help from other people. Louis: Is Stacy still chasing us? Narrator: All of them looked behind. Suddenly, Andy and Louis who sat at the back eat of the car felt like someone squeezed them.

Andy: Louis, I know that you are scared but don’t sit so close to me. It is so tight here. Louis: What? I think it is you who squeezes me! Narrator: Ken looked behind. He got shocked that Stacy was the one sitting between Andy and Louis. Stacy: Please don’t leave me alone….. Let’s be together forever and always…..

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